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Dreading Family Holiday

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We're all getting together for Easter, 15 of us, 6 kids. I was looking forward to it. Now I'm dreading it. One of my sisters and I fight all the time and it's always apparently my fault. I don't want to cause any problems, I don't want this holiday to be all about past issues, but I don't know how to stop it. I want to spend time with them but I don't want to. I'm close to a major break already and I don't want to fall over the edge.
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We didn't spend too much time alone. I told my oldest sister and mother how I was feeling. Spent alot of time just resting or watching the ocean. One day my oldest sister and my dad went on a long drive over the island. Only once did I get an overwhelming desire to hit her and her husband in the face. 😡 they were just being ridiculous. So I left what we were doing and attempted to meditate on the balcony in the moon light. It took me almost 30 mins to calm down completely. It helped that we were staying in separate accommodation. She's still as annoying and irritating as always but I think I'm getting better at letting things go. It helped to have a few other people on my side, even if I didn't need them this time.

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Valued Contributor
Hello again Sleepless, sorry I've not been so good at keeping up with threads I have posted in lately. I see this as a bit of a win for you personally. It sounds like your sister has been a big source of anxiety and frustration for you over the years, and you're now in a place where you can keep her impact on you to a minimum. Given what you've said about how she affects you, if you can cope with her you can cope with anything!