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Does anyone have rentals, had any trouble , how did you handle it ?

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Hi all.

l have a little cabin on 1/2 ac l rent out. Nope l'm not rich with a string of properties not by a long shot , struggling in fact.

Anyway the last guy , never again. He was good for 15mths then he lost his job smashed his car and rents were all over the place and got more and more behind. l kicked him out on about 4mths behind. l tried to be patient as he'd always let me know what was going on and he'd been through a helluva time, also divorce and stuff.

Buttt, in the end he had to go. Well , he was once of these junk guys , the property wound up covered in machines , 3 cars, car parts , pallets , it was a bloody disgrace .

Well over about 2 mths he took about 70% of it , and l didn't tell him this but l was too busy to go work on the place after he effd of anyway so l just kept at him to come get the rest. he did another load and that was the last, about 2mths ago. l think he's done and gone didn't answer my last few messages. Though he's disappeared before.

last message l said final notice , if your stuff not gone in 2 wks from now l'm getting rid of what's left no ifs buts. That was 5wks ago. No reply. l started working on the place today and cleaning up his crap. 4 trailer loads to the scrap metal alone and worked like a dog.. He had a 6mtr tent with personal stuff in it , even wedding stuff. kids bikes, generators, ride on mower, old one,brand new car mags and tyres ,tools, lotta stuff and shyt absolutely everywhere. Some probably sellable he owed 2k in rent. Plus 4mths of not being able to re rent.

Might sound like a crazy question but do l finally get rid of, throw out and sell of he's stuff. ? l mean wedding stuff, kids bikes, l feel bad about that and he's broke but also all he's machinery , car stuff l could sell.

Things also got nasty a few months back and he threatened to send bikie mates round to my house lf l touched he's stuff, .we ended up patching that up and l went on with pushing him to get his crap of the place.

so much for feeling sorry for him. Our property's a junk yard, owes all this rent l'll never see, wasted 4mths where we couldn't re rent.


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And the stress and anxiety l've been through trying to deal with this guy. It's been going on all year

l even had to find part time work, when his rents dried up l got into severe financial difficulty for awhile.

Hello Randomx,

Wanted to let you know how you feel was justified, ofcause you want to keep the peace, I'm sure all his stuff was precious to him but he took so long to resolve it and the stress of doing something about it would have made you feel exhausted.

I did the same, can't believe what I put up with as well. Just know that there is a light at the end, you will feel much better soon, not right now but soon.

In the meantime, take lots of "YOU" time, don't do anything except order a pizza, watch a movie you've always wanted to see, clean the car - vacuum it too, then when your ready start off new.

Don't advertise another for a short time but do get back into it BUT now you know better, better NOT to listen to people's sob stories, get actual verification etc what's that new song "Thank you, next" there is someone who is worthy of your pad, who will this time look after it and care for it. Get strong on your vetting process ok.

Thanks a lot for that hopeful and the tips, muchly appreciated.

lt's hard when you actually like the guy or person to isn't it or have a soft spot for someone going through some crap but you know they're just bs'ing you in the end.

Anyway yep l sure will do. l really don't wanna land myself or the place in this mess again l can tell ya. And yeah you know what , that's exactly what l want too someone that's just gonna love the place it's a beautiful little property , and look after it.

Thanks again , rx

Hey RX

My 'tired' brain wouldnt let me rent out a place as the stress factor is way to high...(for me that is) Im really sorry that you have gone through so much unnecessary pain on this as you have been rebuilding your own life

Im sorry that I am late posting on this RX...... To say its a disgrace is an understatement...Your tenants' arrears speak volumes and I fail to grasp how anyone can do that RX. You have a kind heart and his lack of attention to the rent speaks volumes...not to mention the lack of respect to you and your property...He has forgotten that his actions have consequences...No such thing as a free lunch (which he would know anyway)

You have done everything possible by giving him the breaks you have RX...and then some

my best always


Ey Paul how are ya mate and thanks for that brother

Hell yeah l hear ya last thing l needed too believe me. It's great when it works though l get some great needed income and l can forget about the place so that's always the thing. When it goes south like this though hell yeah , you have to wonder.

Mind you right through l hopEd he'd turn up with a nice wad of cash back rent , he's done that before and he kept talking about it this time and l sure didn't wanna clean up after him. Put in two damn hard days on it so far and it still needs another two at least.

The other thing is , the cabin over there is very private he could easily sneak back and really wreck the place so l was pretty wary of that worry too. l was reading up on private renting and they say it's best if they don't have your home address too which was also a big worry when he got really pissed at one stage and made some threats , learnt that one the hard way so in the future nope they aren't getting this address. For the cabin l tell them my brother lives around the corner, he doesn't he's 10mins away but eh , they don't know that but anyway.

This is probably a dumb question , but wth the hell do l do with all his stuff do you think l start selling it off, ? the junks gone down the tip and trailer loads of crap to the scrap metal dump l'm put the rest , machinery and car stuff down one corner for now. And all his personal family stuff , God almighty , there was even some delivery a meter square left inside the gate for him, Tightly wrapped in plastic heavy as hell , no idea what's in that , looks expensive.

Anyway gf and me are going over in a week or two for round 3 and should have it back to near it's old self by then . Then l wanna do a light reno next few mths anddddd, maybe try again. Well , that's the latest thoughts anyway.

All the best, rx