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Depression and being 'ghosted' by a friend

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I have been struggling with feelings of depression, loneliness and isolation over the last few months because of Covid and working from home.

I made the effort to meet new people and make new friends which has been great at times. However last week one of my friends who I would chat with every day has suddenly stopped replying to any messages for no obvious reason.

In the depressed state I am in I am finding myself so consumed by feelings of worry and guilt, what did I do wrong to make this friend ignore me? I can't seem to function to do anything but worry about this, check my phone for any response but nothing.

I don't know why it is getting me so much I hate the feeling of possibly having hurt someone. But I come on so strong when I'm emotional and may have sent too many 'reaching out' texts that I sound like a possessive freak.

I wish they would just respond so I know what I did wrong and can make things right. I can't work or focus on anything while this is hanging over my head unresolved.

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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

S1980 hi there and to everyone ☺

Welcome S1980 you've come to a very supportive place with so many people that understand depression.

It's hard enough isn't it having depression to deal with let alone what's going on which sadly sounds like you're doing it hard poor thing.

Something I'm wondering could be a possibility is your friend might be unwell or could their phone be on the blink do you think? Hopefully the latter or out of credit.

It's so hard not knowing what's going on. I feel sorry for you.

I understand focusing on it and the mind going over and over. Really grinds you down doesn't it. We tend to feel things deeper in depression. Some good news is we can learn to manage our feelings from depression.

Something that can be a big help and give the brain a breather is distraction. In these times if we can focus and think about anything else that's not a down our focus changes even temporarily being free of pains good.

Might be a good memory a TV show that makes you laugh a good book some songs you enjoy or hobbies etc

Another method I explored was picking letters in the alphabet and thinking of things that start with it. Might be A for Apple Ant Art etc. Giving thought to the words thought up often trigger other thoughts that can be lifting.

This doesn't solve but it gives your mind a break from pain which is needed.

Darl would ringing here maybe of some help to you. If you feel you might like to the no's

1300224636 that's 24/7.

You'll always have here now for anytime you need to talk which I hope helps and you're not alone now you're part of a caring community

Wishing you all the best and I do hope you find a reason sooner than later ☺

Take care ⚘