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Depressed 11 year old Son

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Hi all, i am having issues with my 11 year old son and being depressed. Long story short his father was sent to prison last year for offences he committed against our 9 year old daughter. Since then i have struggled with my older boy, he is angry, upset, down, miserable and absolutely hates me. He has mentioned that our house is a dead place as that is where he is going to die and that we don't want him apart of our family. He can never answer me and tell me what's wrong and i cant get through to him. He sees a councilor through school and also a psychologist on a fortnightly basis. What else can i do to support him as I'm completely lost. He wont listen and is often in trouble for his behaviour ie: not listening, being nasty to his siblings, speaking rudely, lashing out. Any suggestions would be great

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Community Champion

Hello Mumof4#88

I'm sorry to hear about your family situation. It sounds really tough, and it sounds like you are trying to manage this all on your own. I hope you can find some support here for yourself as well.

In terms of your son, it does sound a lot like he's in a really bad spot mentally and it's good that he at least has a councilor and psychologist. I am not really sure what suggestions I can offer, but do you have contact with his two mental health professionals to understand whether he is responsive in those sessions and what suggestions they may have?

It sounds like there's a lot going on for your son right now and having their input could be really helpful.