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Dealing with infidelity and more

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My boyfriend and I have been together for almost 7 years. At the start of the year we took a break after I found out that he'd cheated on me whilst working away for 2 months in India.

We both dated other people, but he came to me promising me everyrhing I wanted if we got back together. It took a couple of months of persuasion, and we got back together in june.

My BF recently went to a weekend festival and made friends with a group of girls. When he came home again it felt exactly like when he returned from India. He's constantly glued to his phone chatting away to these girls.

Its making me feel so insecure that he can no longer just sit with me and enjoy my company. Hes always on his phone or accidently running into them out in the city. I've voiced my concerns, but his opinion is that theres nothing going on and theres nothing wrong with our relationship. Hes totally changed. Hes so distant with me now that its making me miserable and I dont know how to fix us.

I bought a house in the last month, so money is tight for me. I almost feel like hes using it against me because he invites me to join them out in the city when he knows I absolutely cant afford it.

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Hi Friendzle,

Welcome to the forum,

I'm so sorry your BF is cheating on you. He seems like a player, he is using your kind qualities to take advantage of you. He doesn't respect you.

I think it's best you end the relationship, your just going to get really depressed, the guy I'd committed, doesn't want to communicate with you treats you like an idiot. You can do better than that. You need a loyal guy, who communicates well with you, who is n​ot a sneak and values you and wants to make you happy. Your current seems to treat you like a disposable object, as soon as he gets talking to more girls, he can't help himself.

Have a final chat to him or run, your save yourself in the long run.

Take Care


I'm not sure that he is cheating on me with these girls, but theres definately an infatuation going on.

My BF lost 60kg 2 years ago and has had a bit of an ego ever since. I wonder about whether this is just another ego thing or if hes just leaving me for dust.

I had a really bad day on friday and stayed home to see a doctor and talk about what was going on. I asked him to come home and be with me, but he went out with the girls until midnight because "he didnt want to come home and be sad"

Hi Friendzle,

I'm so sorry that nobody was there for you. There are many nice people on here who care.

I was in a relationship with a girl, she wanted me to do everything for her and allowed her family to control the way our relationship worked. I ended the relationship a year ago. I sent you the message for your own good, you deserve better. He cheated on you dear, come on, infatuation, why would a guy who claims to be in a living relationship, go out with other girls? It's obvious he is doing more with them. I was only interested in my GF, I had no time to spend if other girls other than occasional friend. You need to make an important decision for your own sake.

It's good you are seeing a GP, you should see a good counsellor too.

Feel free to chat how you feel, you need lots of encouragement.

I have appointments to speak to people this week, but its just eating me up.

I dont mind him having female friends, but the dynamic of our relationship has changed. We used to do everything together. Now he comes over to sit on the couch and play with his phone. (We havent lived together since getting back together)

I literally drove more than an hour to pick up/ drop him off after being out all day yesterday and last night with his friends.

I love him so much, but I hate being excluded just because I dont want to waste money.


It's good you that you seeing a professional this week.

I know it's hard, but your BF doesn't reciprocate your feelings anymore or he wouldn't do what is doing, he is just using. With love, the sincere person looks past major flaws and sadly it's hard to let go, but in the long run, you will miss opportunities with men who wouldn't dare look at other girl's and be your world.

You seem to have a generous kind heart and people with no conscience just take advantage of nice people. Deep down we all wanted our relationships to work out, but we can't with toxic people.

Have you got any good friends or family to chat to in person?

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Hi Friendzle!

I have just read your post, minutes after posting mine, a very similar scenario!

My ex did exactly the same, caught him cheating, he came crawling back promising that he would never hurt me, lie to me or cheat on me again. We had a couple of great years and then guess what, he did exactly what he promised he would never do again. It is absolutely devastating to have to deal with it a second time.

I would be doing some soul searching & work out what it is you want. Have a discussion with your partner & set some clear boundaries & make sure you stick by them. You deserve to be treated with kindness, love and respect. Go with your gut instinct, if something is not feeling right, it probably isn't.

Great idea to get some counselling, input from a neutral source can put a different perspective on your situation.

Stay true to yourself



7 years is hard to give up on. He says he still loves me and wants to be with me

I'm sorry but that's not what he's showing you is it? I'm afraid it's time for you to suit up regarding your boundaries. He's providing you with 0% relationship comfort. He needs to know that you're willing to back up your boundaries (i.e. - lose the chick friends) or your out of there. Or, you could just continue being treated as you are....

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well, sounds familiar to me. Yes 7 years is a long time but are you happy? If doesn't matter how long you've been together if you're not happy what's the point? Why does he need to chat and catch up with other girls if he has you? Why is he going out and leaving you behind? I'm sorry but it makes me so angry. You asked him to come over and be with you but he went out with the girls because he didn't want to come home and be Sad??? Seriously? What about how you were feeling? Have you met these girls? He comes over and plays on his phone? He's clearly not interested anymore. You know ge dynamics have changed, he has a huge ego by the sound of things. Why hang onto someone who is out having a good time and leaving you behind? I understNd you don't have money to splash around, why doesn't he pay for you? You've been together long enough.

im sorry if I sound harsh but this he's taking you for a ride. I've been there done that. If you used to do everything together and now he goes out with a group of female friends and comes over and plays on his phone, well I think the writing is on the wall.