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Dealing with family issues and overpowering emotions about that

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I'm dealing with a lot of family issues at the moment. Control issues with my parents over my money which admittedly is from Centrelink but with the public trustee controlling that its affecting my mental health badly to not even entertain the idea of volunteer work. Then there's not being able to express my feelings and feeling like I'm worthless, I mean I've been socially awkward and had self esteem issues for a while but they have gotten worse as the depression and anxiety has gotten worse. This is particularly bad with my brother and his girlfriend, not just my parents feeling like I cant express any sort of feeling and its a shame cos I know if Im able to, I can become a better person and can see them both in a better light possibly/potentially. But the main thing is not being able to move out when that is the clear logical situation to what is going on at the moment, given the other things that are going on, including I will add as I'm losing energy the longer I type even though its tough to bring up- binge eating. Hope someone can help me enough to get me back on the right path with feeling more at ease and less anxious about my own self and what is going on in my life as well
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Hi Stevo,

Welcome to the forums. I hope you find it to be as helpful and supportive as I have.

Money issues can be really difficult to deal with, especially when other people get involved. Are you finding the Public Trustee helpful? I think they can be a really useful solution for some people, but I also understand that it can make things more complicated, especially with family. Have you spoken to the Public Trustee about wanting to move into your own place? They should be able to assist you with getting Rental Assistance and even finding an appropriate rental property.

Feelings of worthlessness are fairly common with Depression and Anxiety. You don't mention if you are seeing any medical professionals to help with your mental health issues. If you do have a GP, maybe mention that things are getting more difficult - they might be able to help with medication or psychology treatments.

Why do you think you cannot express any feelings?

Kind thoughts,


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Blue Voices Member

Hi Stevo

it sounds there’s a lot of stuff happening with you at the moment .It’s important at this time to be kind to yourself . I was once like that ..I just saw like the walls coming in at me . Just take it one step at a time and remember to breath through it all . Yeah it sounds crazy ..but I remember that I was so distraught that my breathing was out of whack ..u think that breathing is a natural thing to do ..but apparently not when your headspace is like cluttered . I thankfully found Jason Stephenson meditation videos and I can’t thank him enough .there are others readily available on YouTube ..but I found his most calming ,.find one that you like and start from there ,

it at least give u some outlet ...

i hope he helps you ,,i still use him daily .,.best self love and self care technique I have employed for myself ,

i also did hot yoga ..when I managed to get out of house .

welcome to this post by the way ...I’m glad u r here and I hope these tips helps you ..pls let me know how you progress with it

stay well

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Wow this was a long time ago. Any tips on how to deal with anger as that is what Im dealing with atm?