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Dealing with being dumped by the one you love

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I really I’ve this guy. We were best friends before dating but things changed with a girl he knows so he dumped me. I’m heartbroken and just need tips of self repair in this situation, thank you
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Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi chelpformum,

Every tine I have my heart broken, I can’t believe I forgot the last time how much it hurts! And that’s the thing, the only thing that can heal it is time. One way to deal with it until then is to keep yourself busy - some people see friends, take up a hobby, throw them self into work, any thing to distract you. I threw myself back into dating but in hindsight I wish I hadn’t as I wasn’t strong enough to deal with everything that entails. Do you have pets? That may also be a nice source of companionship if your living arrangements allow it.

Hi Juliet,

thank you for your response, I plan to take this advice and throw myself into taking care of myself and completing this semester of uni.


elcome to the forum.

Juliet has given you helpful advice.

Taking care of yourself and focusing on your studies sounds like a good idea.

Also be kind to yourself and give yourself time to repair.

Feel free to post when you want to.


Good on you, I’m proud of you :)!! Invest in yourself, it’ll be the best thing you ever do. Study, go for walks, enjoy the sun on your skin, read books you’ve been meaning to read, nourish your soul. You will have down times, we all do, but we’ll be here for you when you do xx

Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hi Chelpformum, thanks for posting your comment but it is very sad.

You aren't feeling confident and I'm so very sorry but remember by losing him you have gained an extra strength, and whether or not you realise this, you have learnt how to read another person's personality, so you're one step in front of someone else.