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Can you lose your children if you've had thoughts of suicide but seeked help and been given the clear by doctors?
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Blue Voices Member

No. I was in the same position many years ago now. My ex kept threatening to take my children (ours!) while I was in hospital having treatment for my mental health, including suicidal thoughts & actions. My case worker kept assuring me that he couldn’t do that but I didn’t believe her. I was so frightened of my ex & his threats. So my case worker actually brought a lawyer/solicitor out to the hospital who told me I was entitled to seek medical treatment & that so long as I had the kids looked after by someone properly, grandparents, friends etc, that I would not lose custody.

It’s funny, once I stopped being afraid of that, he stopped threatening me.

You get all the help you need. The teachers at my kids’ schools were fantastic. They supported the kids & told them that I was doing the very best thing by getting medical help.

So, take care of yourself. Get all the help you need. You getting well is the best gift you can give your children. It’s not easy being a single parent sometimes but it is richly rewarding. When they’re all grown up & out in the world living their lives it’s so lovely to feel proud of them & of yourself.

Good luck, T.

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Im so glad you got help and are feeling better 😁 this gives me hope as my ex has taken 2 of my daughters and won't let me see or speak to them. It's looking like I'll have to seek a recovery order to have any chance of getting them...I have my other 5 children with me

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Champion Alumni

Hello Toll, and a warm welcome and please know that you are very accepted here on this site.

You have asked a very good question, one which many people may have been wondering themselves, but too afraid of posting as this is very important.

If your doctor has given you the all clear and perhaps you are still having counselling or the counsellor doesn't believe you need it and that decision is up to you, then you would be able to see your 2 daughters, and that's what I would be doing, to begin with, as you already have 5 children.

Your ex may say that you have your hands full looking after the 5 children, so what I would be doing is to write down what you are doing Monday to Sunday, morning to night and show how organised you are and that your ex may go to work and need someone to look after these girls.

Wish you all the best.