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Constant Rejection

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I’ve recently connected with my brother from my dads side, this was the first sort of contact with my dad and my dads family so I was excited to meet him. Over the week he hasn’t made the effort to come see me, I told him to let me know when and what time they could visit as I’m studying and will be busy. I’m still trying to cope with my anxiety and depression at college but handeling it well , anyways I was looking forward the next day to see when he could come visit, no reply’s or messages. The next day there posts of him leaving town, without even the courtesy to let me know. I’ve now jumped back into my depressive state where my fathers rejected me, guys who I’ve liked and been honest with had given me broken promises and now my brother who I’ve spoken on the phone to and was finally happy that I could fix that part of my life is now abandoning me, all I keep thinking is what’s my purpose in life , I was rejected from the start so what form of happiness is left for me ? I literally feel worthless
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Welcome to the forum. This is a supportive and friendly place.

You have certainly experienced a lot of rejection and that must be so very hard to take.

I know thi is different but my partner was adopted at 9mths and then found 2 half brothers. His mother had died by then and he always felt and still feels a sense of abandonment which carries over into personal relationships.

It is frustrating for you as you have tried so har to connect to your brother. Would you be able to write him a letter when gets back. He may not have got your message or something may have come up, or he feels anxious too. Maybe none of these but you never know how the other person is feeling.

Do you have a counselloror doctor to talk to ?

You need to look after yourself. Meeting up with people after a long time can be difficult.

Post here as often as you like.


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Champion Alumni
hi Frankl, can I welcome you to the site.

I feel so sorry for you that your father has rejected you after all this time, where he hasn't had the courtesy to make the effort to come and visit you, which has thrown you back into depression, that's so unfair and I feel so sorry for you.

I wouldn't be disregarding your brother just yet, your father may have told him not to contact you, but don't stop trying to connect with him.

Being rejected is awful and I know when my father remarried whilst Mum was in a nursing home, we, the 5 kids were discouraged to ring Dad at home, so we stopped, but Dad told us to ring him at work.

When the step mum left, contact with Dad resumed, but rejection for several years was very painful and I know exactly how you feel.

Frankl, you're not worthless and happiness will come with the help from your doctor who will get the ball rolling, so please book an appointment. Geoff.