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Confused and depressed

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Hi guys first time poster.

I have had depression and anxiety for most of my life. A year ago I seeked help and was put on anti-depression medication. Over the past 6 months my depression has been worsening. To the point where my wife has told me to pull my head in or her and my kids are leaving.

which has left me confused so I have seeked help again and talking with a physiologist once a week. Which she said it sounds like I’m soul searching. Now I’m confused even more.

I think I’m ready to lose them and focus on myself is that selfish. I just want to feel happy again.

I have taken some positive steps and joined a gym as I really loved that pre children. And am starting to care about my appearance again

please be honest if you think I’m making a mistake of giving it all up


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Im new to here as well.

In my opinion it sounds like a complicating situation however do remember that everything happens for a reason.

It sounds like your depression is getting out of hand and it is important that you look after YOU because at the end of the day if you cant love yourself how can you love anyone else?

I am not trying to encourage you to leave your wife and focus on yourself I simply wanted to reach out to you and tell you to do what you think will benefit you more and make you happier because you only have 1 life use it wisely.

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Hi Macca,

Welcome to the BB site. I'm sorry to hear you're having a really tough time right now.

I have struggled with depression and anxiety for 20 years and unfortunately there is no one fix for all.

It's wonderful that you have reached out to your GP and Psychologist. It took me four different anti depressants until I found one that worked for me. We're all different and what works for one may not work for another.

It took me 5 psychologists until I found the right fit for me. Not saying they were bad, but you need to find someone who's right for you. And if your psychologist is confusing you maybe it's not a good match.

I have found that to get through the dark days of depression you really need your support group. I'm sure your wife loves you but doesn't understand what depression is all about.

On this site there's forums for partners, maybe she could get some support for herself. I know I lean on my husband a lot, and I remind him to take time out for himself and ask for help if it gets too much. She could also talk to her GP.

When we're in a dark mood we push our love ones away, when we should really be pulling them closer. Because their love and compassion is what gets us through.

I hope some of this will help.