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Communication Stratigies Needed

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I don’t feel like my mum has time for me, and she doesn’t listen to what I say. Very often our conversations turn into her telling me what’s happening, rather then me answering her “Hows things Question”

I always call her, travel to see her and make the effort to see her. However when the responsibility to organise to see each other is on her she tells me she is too tired to drive, or simply doesn’t talk to me or respond to messages. We live about four hours apart however she holidays where I live and she sees a specialist doctor in my local area, she always complains that I never see her but cant tell me when she is in my area or she does tell me but will not answer messages I leave to organise to see her when she’s around.

Having left a serious relationship recently she offered help in the form of paying my phone bill however when I asked for help she has left me disappointed, telling me she had her own bills. This answer would be fine however she later posted updates on her California Holiday she had taken my step sister and brothers on without telling myself. She does this often telling me that everyone has their own life, she cant always help.

I feel quite abandoned and disappointed and don’t know how to bring it up with her? What could be some conversation strategies I could use?

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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi Eyzma welcome to BB

Sorry you're feeling this way & you making the effort most of the time would be hard

Difficult to know how to approach this. I tend to kinda get straight to the point hoping not to end in discord if there's something needing to be said to someone but in your situation there seems to be a few points I imagine you'd be wanting to air.

When I use to live in nurses homes I'd write it down & sit there while they'd read it, no interruptions that way dont know if you think that could work

I think good you want to communicate & its needed by the sounds

Sorry dont think much help, wishing you well with this

Anytime you want to talk more please do would like to hear how you go