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Can't make or keep friends - anxiety/depression/dissociative disorder

Community Member

Hi everyone.

I'm struggling big time with relationships at the moment in a social, work, and home situation. I lost a lot of friends due to my mental health struggles, and battle to make new ones since my ill-health is currently consuming every part of me. Then, if I try and be open about it, I eventually push everyone away or scare them away. How do people deal with this? How can you form any legitimate friendships when you're so unwell - especially with dissociative disorder (a very new diagnosis for me that I'm still trying to figure out)

I just want love and support and genuine friends - a support network... It's VERY hard going through all this with only paid psychological support and medication.

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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi Hello and welcome to the forums.I can so relate to your situation I find myself making friends and then losing them because I push them away because of mental health. I found nice people on here to talk to who are non judgemental which is a start at giving confidence and being able to make friends out there. I understand how lonely it can be without friends and how it can effect your mental health. I hope you can make some friends on here.

Take care,