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Burnt Out

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Hi All

I am a 27 year old mother of a very full on 5 year old girl. Her dad died traumatically infront of her when she was 3 years old, and she struggles to express emotion since. She suffers massive separation anxiety when it comes to school or even just giving me a moment to myself, I struggle to even get her to sleep by herself. This clingyness is causing me to get so frustrated and I often take it out on her which isn't fair. I don't even know what I'm expecting from this post, but maybe someone somewhere has some advice on how I can help her and stop resenting being a parent. The day in day out never ending fights and tantrums about the smallest things are sending me crazy, I hate the way I feel about being a parent. I feel so guilty because I know it's not her fault, but sometimes I just want a break from her..

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Thank you Learn to Fly!
I've never heard of play therapy but I will definitely look into it. Isn't it funny, I hid in my bedroom to finally burst into tears after days/nights of tantrums and broken sleep, and when she came in and found me, she handed me a tissue and asked me why I was crying and suddenly all the anger went away and I just felt terrible, she's so helpless and she doesn't know any better.

I know! Those most beautiful, simple and pure gestures from our children are so so precious, there is no words to describe them. Draw your strength on them because as “simple” as they are, their power is huge because it’s love in its purest. Your child’s love.

I'm happy to do some research for you Looie94!

Did you get anything out of the sources I provided?

I did thank you, I think I've read every article on sleep on raising children, desperate times 😛

I love the sounds of feel the magic, something to look into for a couple years time