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Brother having serious delusional symptoms - need help on how to assist

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My 30 year old brother has been doing odd security jobs and very limited social life (no gf/friends, avoids family). Recently he lost his job and is in financial distress. He seemed depressed and was spending any money he had on alcohold and marijuana.

Recently when I push him to clean his act and get a job he has started a new delusion where he says that he is working with CIA under the MKUltra program and is a hot shot secret agent. That everyones life including his is in danger and that he has been spending all this time protecting family. Hence he cant do any other job. This might sound funny but he is dead serious and gets very agitated when I and my sister start poking wholes in his theory and ask him to give evidence.

It has now gotten to the point where he starts randomly picking on people on the street and starts acting aggressively towards them sayin that they are involved in mind control and hypnosis and that he needs to protect people. He is unable to function in a normal work environment because I believe he keeps thinking about MKUltra and mind control everytime he is in a social context with people.

I dont want to diagnose him but it sounds like he has some sort of schizophrenia where he completely believes his alternate reality. However, any hint of going to see a doctor or psychiatrist takes him into an unhinged rant saying that we are under mind control and that we have no idea how stupid this idea to visit a doctor is when he is out saving the family and the world.

Any ideas on what to do in this situation. I wont to reach out to him before it gets worse.

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Blue Voices Member

Hi jaz83

Welcome to BB and thank you for posting.

Where I am not experienced with the situation you're facing, I have heard of similar problems of friends of mine who are clinical psychologists. My friend JD told me about a time where he was asked by a concerned relative to attend a social BBQ, and whilst he was there, endeavour to form a preliminary assessment about a particular person.

I suppose if you can get your brother to the doc, maybe you can bring the doc to your brother?

just a thought


Thanks SB,

I have taken audio recordings of some of the conversations and was planning to discuss this with someone. However, because of his anti-social lifestyle (hardly meets anyone and refuses to attend and family event) it would be very hard to invite him and a doc to a social event.

Should I be going to a GP first and ask for a referral? I dont know of any psychologists personally but I will ask around and see if anyone is willing to come separately in an organied social event.

I guess the question is if he was diagnosed with a condition, what then? I doubt my brother would willingly attend any therapy or treatment.