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Broken Dad needs Advice

Community Member

A big hello to everyone, I’m new to this site as of today. I am having issues at home with my wife of 6 years and my 3yo daughter. Neither of them listen to anything I say and daughter is out of control with her attitude towards myself and my wife doesn’t back me at all.

I discipline my daughter if and when she does something wrong by sending her to her room for time out only to be told by my wife that all I do is discipline her and yell at her...even tho I never yell at her.

This has now made me to scared to discipline my daughter because I know if I do my wife will cause an argument with me, them we don’t talk and my daughter tells me to find somewhere else to live or go to my room.

My wife last night txt my mobile saying She’s had enough and doesn’t want me around anymore.

The issues are endless and the list goes one and one and on.

I can never seem to make my wife happy and if she’s not happy my daughter sees that and takes it out on me and starts yelling at me. I’m scared my daughter will grow up disrespecting men and end up hating me as she gets older.

I would love to hear from anyone that has had the same problems. I’m normally a very strong person but now feel totally broken and just not sure how much more I can take and don’t know what to do.

Please Help !

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Community Champion
Community Champion

raLpHy boy, welcome to the forum. This is a kind place full of supportive people.

i am sorry it has taken a while to reply to you and this is something that can happen. It has nothing to do with your post which is valued by us,.

Well done for making your first post and reaching.

I can feel the pain in your words and the frustration you are feeling as you try to help your daughter and improve your relationship with your wife.

I have learnt through bitter experience that is important for husband and wife to be consistent with their children.

This is difficult when you and your wife seem to have conf,citing ideas of how to bring up your daughter.

I wonder have you sat down and explained how you want to try to make things work and how what you both feel you both can do to make things better.

Ahave you considered seeing a counsellor with your wife?

You love your family and want to make it work as you care about them.

I know it feel confusing and lonely but you have made a start.

By replying to you, your post will go to the front of the list and more people will see it.

Feel free to discuss this further if you want to, by posting here.