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My partner of 4 years broke up with me last week.

He says that he still loves me and that he didn’t want to break up but reckons it was the right choice to do so.

He reason was he doesn’t believe he is right for me and thinks I deserve better, and that the relationship wasn’t healthy.

I reckon it’s due to his depression getting to him and that there is more to it but I don’t think anyone else was involved, I still very much love him and I don’t want us to break up but I’m not sure what to do . He seem very determined with his choice.

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Champion Alumni

Hello Britt, thank you for posting your thread, I know that it's never easy to do this and to understand what he's actually saying.

The fact that he still loves you and doesn't really want to break up, is the strength you have to hang onto.

You need to appreciate that if he is depressed and now showing it, then there's a possibility that he may have hidden it for a while before this, you might have had an idea about this, but depression will tend to push away, only because he doesn't want to drag you down with him.

You can offer to take him to see his doctor, first port of call, but try not to be too persistent and you don't have to go in with him if he is worried about this.

The potent point is that he loves you and when he's away from you he will still feel your presence but in a sad way, and I say this because that's exactly how I felt when I told my wife that I needed to go away by myself.

It often happens, but please let us hear back from you.