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Any advice on managing feelings towards friends?

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Hi there,

I'm having trouble with some interuptive thoughts that i'm seeking ideas to manage. My friend has recently fallen pregnant with her second child. I'm jealous. I've had a few harsh thoughts that 'every-thing is working out for her' and 'she's so lucky'. I know things are no where near that simple but i find it hard to challenge my thoughts and it does seem like many things are going well for her.

I'm working on directing my life to things that would be good for me - but i don't think i'm that good at it/having much success. That is, while i have a lot of good things going in my life i don't think i can get to where she is - children, partner, financially well off.

Any advice on managing feelings towards friends?

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Community Champion

Hi, welcome

There is a saying "be careful what you wish for"

For 50 years since year 7 at school (now 63), I've been envious of my friend.

He sailed a yacht then staryed up his own engineering firm in the Pilbara just as the mining boom came. He is a multi millionaire with over 20 houses.

Three years ago he found out he has pancreatic cancer. Once you are diagnosed it is ofyen in the advanced stages...and it was. He was given 3-6 months, its been 3 years but his chances of living beyond 5 years is 5%.

But back to you. You reap what you sow. Expand your dating possibilities by getting another hobby or sport, buy a cute puppy...these tactics work . Go on computer dating. Be positive...ask guys out! It's 2019, guys like to be liked. Join clubs...footy club ?. Attend motivation lectures.


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