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anxious about my partner

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i am always anxious about my partner. i never know what mood he is going to be in and i feel anxious all the time
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white knight
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Community Champion

Hi Mtom, welcome

Visit your GP and explain everything.  Be prepared for some challenges like medication, relaxation classes (I found them beneficial) and therapy. You can then make a appointment for a family or relationship counsellor.

Take care

Tony WK

Thanks Tony

 I think couple therapy would be out of the question for him. 

I keep wondering maybe its me not him. I know he can come across very abrupt and that makes me anxious , but i am confused maybe i am too sensitive. at this stage i am almost opting to walk away from the relationship, because i can't handle how i feel 😞



white knight
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Community Champion

Hi MtoM

Please read a thread I started. Google the following "Depression and sensitivity - a connection? -Beyond Blue"

To fin success in your relationship both persons need to be fluid about helping it along. I tried for 11 years with my first marriage and I was the only one trying. My then wife needed help to realise that she had an overworked husband (working 3 jobs so she could be a stay at home mum) and that she was lazy (no housework, no meals prepared etc). Essentially my wife was not fulfilling her side of the agreement. Towards the end I was desperate. Heading towards suicide thoughts I rang for a home visit from our GP. There he was sitting opposite her at the kitchen table dressed in her dressing gown at 2:30pm. I told him I'd got up at 7am, fed the kids brekky, sat them in front of the TV, mowed the lawns, fed us lunch. My wife will have brekky at 3pm and wont want dinner at 6pm when we do. He took some blood for tests.

A week later he called me and I visited him. It seems to me a case of laziness was his diagnosis. Two husbands after me and both left her for the same reason- contemptuous attitude.

Here's the deal- had she sort help early on, had some insight instead of stubbornness she could have saved her marriage, our children could have had their full time dad forever and I could have not had to had my life turned upside down. Lots of consequences.

I bid you good luck and we are here anytime.

Tony WK

thanks Tony

 reading your story makes me feel like i don't have a problem at all.

yes i think my partner is set in his own ways and when facing problems and worries he just shuts down. well thats what he told me anyways. he says he doesn't like to talk to anyone about what is going on in his mind sense why he keeps to himself. that causes a lot of anxiety to me as i keep thinking that its me, even though he tells me its not me. i guess i have a choice to stay or go. Part of me wants to stay because i love him, but i don't like how he makes me feel when he talks to me. so I'm starting to think that maybe i am too sensitive.