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Am I wrong to feel this way

Community Member
Hi everyone, I need somebody to tell me if I’m wrong or just being silly ok here goes, I’ve been with my partner for nearly nine years, he suffers from depression(that’s a whole different story) he’s friends with a couple who have now broken up after 25 years of marriage, my partner wants to be there for both of them as they helped him through his marriage twelve years ago, my partner has caught up with the husband a few times, his wife called to catch up for dinner last week with my partner and I (I’ve only met her a hand full of times) since we’ve been together, she’s a stunner lovely looking lady, now my partners been inviting her out with us and I’m alittle concerned as he met the husband first, why I’m uncomfortable with her coming out with us is that my partner told me a long time ago that when his marriage was going down hill and wasn’t intimate with the wife he would fantasise about other women, I’m really feeling uncomfortable in this situation so am I being silly
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Need to clarify my above post, he fantasised over the wife of his friend so I’m not that comfortable coming out with us even in a group situation

Hi Julie, 

We understand you need some support right now, however we recommend keeping to your original thread for support!

When seeking support on the forums, we really encourage members to use one thread rather than starting new ones all the time.  It's really difficult for the community to keep up with your story if you have a lot of threads going at once, and you may find yourself having to repeat information if your story is spread across the forum - sometimes our members will be repeating themselves as well if it's an issue you've had previously.  Help us to support you by keeping to one thread, even if you're returning here after a period of time.  There's a lot of value in seeing how someone's story evolves over time, and when facing a new crisis it's helpful to scroll back and see how you've coped previously.

We're going to close this one, but feel free to jump back into your previous thread here: I'm at my wits end with my partner and his depression