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Always the 2nd choice.

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So my friend will always plan a catch up then say she's busy or try next week. She has done this quite a few times. So today since I've got my car. I said I'll even drive to you today . Since she said next week.
She reply she's not home... So I guess she out out with other people. .
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Champion Alumni

Hi Yelah90

I am really sorry to hear that, it is hurtful when plans have been cancelled but also when it seems to be a pattern. How would you feel about asking your friend if she is in fact interested in the friendship? To save you both the pain of her having to cancel and you feeling rejected, you will know where you stand then. You could also take a step back and see if she reaches out to you if you feel like you are not wanting to confront her. I guess in time if she is not making plans with you it will become obvious that she perhaps in not as invested as you are.

Are there other people in your life that you can reach out to? To visit and have some time with? I know this does not make the pain any less that your friend is not there for you however it might help with starting some new friendships and investing your energy in others.

I am really sorry this is happening to you and it is hurtful and feels horrible. I am glad you reached out for a chat though and hope to chat some more to you.