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Hi all

I'm a woman who has only ever slept with men.

I think I'm interested in girls. It's something that keeps coming up since my teens and I tell people at times when I've been drunk. I had a dream last night about a friend proposing to me and I felt so happy. It made so much more sense being with a girl than a guy.

What should I do now?



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Ha ha ha ha; had a good chuckle MP...

Hey LT!

Hope all's well...you're one up on me as I haven't had the courage (or maybe time) to get out there. Us oldies seem to have cornered the market on responsibilities.

Anyway, I'm keeping an eye out for your up-coming stories of romance and sexy hook-ups. It sounds as if you're getting on with things re coming out. I envy you...

Take care babe...Sara xo

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Gold MsP - I did think when i was reading that post, "I wonder if she meant men instead of me?". Love a good typo!!

Cavvie, I have many lesbian friends and some gay male friends and also many straight friends. They are all equal to me. Your friends will stick by you and if they don't, well they are not real friends anyway. Brilliant that your mum is good about it.

You journey is upon you, that is an exciting time. Just think of how many people go through life liking the same sex but are to scared to come out or do anything about it. I feel for them. I knew one of my mates was a lesbian 10 years before she actually told me! I was just so happy for her that she was comfy in her own sexuality. Now that you are taking your thoughts and feelings on, you are setting yourself up for a happy life and not one that you should be living but are not.

Big ticks for you!