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7 yr relationship over, not coping

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My relationship of 7 years ended 3 months ago. My depression got all too much and I pushed him away. Up until 3 weeks ago he wanted to reconcile, now when I am ready to let the walls down he says he still loves me, I'm his number 1 but he needs time and is confused..... I am so heartbroken, I feel worthless, and sad that he all of a sudden doesn't want to fight for us. 7 years is too long to just throw away. He says he doesn't think he can make me happy. I wish I could show him that he can and does make me happy ( I just wasn't good at showing it) I'm not sleeping, not eating. I am just so heartbroken and lost.

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Hi Lost89,

Sorry to read what you are going through. Any break up is tough and when you mix in mental health like depression as a cause, it makes it even tougher. My first question for you is, did you ever seek help to sort your depression out? I am just thinking off the top of my head here as he said he doesn't think he can make you happy and does he think he contributes to your depression and is that why he said that?

When we have a mental health concern we really need to sort through it all and understand why we have it and accept it and learn how to deal with it and then our partners can help and understand it as well.

You just need to keep talking to him and letting him know how much he makes you happy.

My best for you,