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PTSD @ Trauma

Community Member

Hi everyone, I’m here  today to reach out to like minded people like myself who suffer from PTSD & Trauma . I’ve suffered Trauma all my life , but the last 7 years has been challenge for me .

If your suffering like me I would love to hear from you all to help with many strategies to overcome them 

thank you 

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Community Champion
Community Champion

Hello Dear Female,


A very warm and caring welcome to the forums.


Sorry it’s taken a while for you to receive a reply, it’s no reflection at all on you, you’re a very valuable person here…it just that sometimes posts get pushed back pages when it gets really busy here on the forums…


I am sorry that you struggle with PTSD, many people on these forums are also struggling with it…I am one of those people…my PTSD is a legacy from my childhood abuse and from a my marriage to an abusive narcissist man….


I’m wondering if you’ve reached out to your Dr and if you have received help from professionals to help you manage your PTSD…


Here for you Dear Female as many others will be, to help support you the best we can…when you feel up to talking….


My kindest thoughts with my care Dear Female,




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I had an experience when I was a very young kid, it was never "an issue" until I reached my late 30s and it was about 6-7 years that I looked for professional help. I have stopped blaming myself since then and it helped, yet, the pain is still there. Sometimes i find it really hard to keep going, and I am not talking about a month or week, or even a day, sometimes, doing the most simple task is just hard. In my experience, talking to someone in the same situation helps a lot, once you talk to someone that understands how it feels makes a huge difference. If you want to talk more, I will keep an eye on the forum to tell yo more about me and hear more about you. 

Stay strong! 

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Hi Female,


Welcome to the forums.


As Grandy has said many of us are here to share, support and hopefully help in some ways.


Grandy has helped me through some very tough times in dealing with my C-PTSD.


BB is a wonderful place to come to and share your experiences and thoughts and feelings. 

There are many ups and downs. 

I am 56 now but only diagnosed 4 years ago. I thought that I was alone going through this PTSD and genuinely thought that PTSD only affected those who had experienced wars etc.


It took a while for me to understand and accept that the childhood abuse and then the DV I was subjected to throughout my life had caused all the anxiety and depression that I feel now.


Don’t be afraid to vent and share, we understand. Fiatlux 🙏🏼