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I have always had a dog to be my person but ,,,,

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Hello all


I have spiralled somewhat in the past few weeks as my beautiful Sheltie girl Echo died in Feb, she was 15.


I grew up with a dog who was my sole source of support as a child, then had a dog while raising my children and little Echo came into my life 15 years ago. 

Although I have a few friends and some are even quite close, I have always bonded best with my dogs. Echo was made an emotional support dog and then after she developed arthritis and I begin struggling with the mobility issues, we just spent lockdown and beyond together, and it was lovely.I have spent a couple of months starting to look for my next great love. I am very choosy as I want to make sure that I can fit the needs of the dog in terms of space and exercise, etc.


However, I do check rescue websites, but the majority of the dogs are unsuitable for me and me for them. I have spent hours and hours every day for the last couple of months looking at puppies that would be suitable, and who I'm drawn to, but the prices of dogs is completely out of my reach. I tried putting a deposit on a dog as I thought I was getting some payment, which unfortunately didn't come through. This meant I lost my $600 deposit, which is fair, but it's put me even further behind.


I don't see any way that I can raise the money I need and I'm beginning to panic. I have ever be without a dog. I don't know how to be without a dog. I don't understand why they are so very expensive, are completely out of the reach of most people I would think.

I'm not looking at expensive, designer dogs, but every puppy I have found, has been around $2000, and this is just not doable. I don't know how to reconfigure everything to be without another living presence to draw comfort from and find meaning with and I feel so ashamed and pathetic that I can't even manage to buy myself a dog. Just a dog.


I guess I am just needing to vent a little bit, as I was starting to hit the panic button today. So, thank you to everybody who has read this and love and light to all of you out there with fur babies. 





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Community Champion

Dear Echosglory~

Welcome here to the Forum. I do not think you are alone in feeling the need for a dog, there are so many here, myself included, who feel the same way.


They do turn a house into a home and (most:) make wonderful companions, however sadly their life is comparatively short and then there is real greif and loss - plus the problem of finding another.


We have always had pets from animal shelters, and have been happy. Noways, as I'm sure you know, they are checked out, micro chipped and given thier first of two vaccinations. Some shelters have a scheme whereby you can be refunded or offered another choice if it does not work out after a few days.Ask before committing yourself, some dogs can be just about impossible.


It is still a big chance and not that cheap, though I'd expect you could find something under $500 which is the base level near me. Anther thought might be greyhound rescue, though that depends on your circumstances.


I've always steered clear of 'give away' ads becuse there is no comeback.


You may even end up wiht something you were not expecting  but works out ok.


I hope you find something soon