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Flashbacks from being sexually abused while I was passed out

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Hi, I am new to the forum and I wanted to thank the brave people that have posted before me. I am now in my 40s, but in the last week I have had flashbacks from a night out in my 20s and I think I might have been sexually abused after I passed out from drinking too much. I don’t know why these memories have come back to me now but I can’t stop ruminating about them. I feel foolish and haven’t talked to anyone, but I wanted to know if others had experienced this and how you moved on from this?

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Hi welcome


That's a harrowing experience and in your case can't be taken lightly. Some might suggest that it was a long time ago and "move on"... no, we are individuals so we should approach it the way we feel we have to. 


I've had several traumatic experiences and finally I talked them out with my wife then a psychologist. The revelations were incredible in that I found out I have bipolar and Aspergers. My point is, you never know what can be revealed through therapy and going over historical events.


Discussing your memory with friends and family can be risky as I eluded to earlier. You might not get the listening ear you need nor the level of seriousness. Professional attention to the matter will always give you the microscope on the problem. 


I hope you are OK. Sometimes we need to go backwards before we can go forward.