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Emotions following MVA, MBA or other Trauma.

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Hey Everyone,

This is my first post to any forum on this topic. Okay so a brief background....I had a big motorbike accident in 2015 which put me in a coma for 2 weeks, multiple admissions totaling 8 months, 18+ injuries and 12+ surgeries. After i woke from my coma my family were always there. No that is not an exaggeration....my mum was there everyday which at times was nice but most of the time i was just holding everything together because i didn't want my family to see me break i guess. to this day i haven't really dealt with my emotions or feelings, i did see a psychologist in hospital where i opened up, i was on heavy meds so i had NO filter and she said "okay ill pop back tomorrow" and i never saw her again so i guess in a way i began or started to deal with it but that stopped. i have held it together since with a few slip ups though (anger) i spoke to my GP and he at first was just chatting with me because i just wanted to chat, then he said i should start seeing a psychologist so i did, i saw this psychologist when i could afford it, which for the first couple months was every week but then got further and further in between. i was feeling GREAT talking with him and he was helping me. i stopped seeing him because it got expensive and thought i had a lid on things but as of late its like that lid is coming undone. now i know you're probably thinking "simple fix....got back to the psychologist" but i wanted to see if there was anyone else out there like me. so my question is...is there anyone else with a similar backstory/situation and has ever increasing anger and irritability?

please forgive the lack of capital letters.

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Hello xXJIGSAWXx. Great to hear from you. I'm a very minimal user on this forum myself and I understand the feeling of awkwardness that comes with putting up a post. Good on you for reaching out.

The thing that struck me the most about your story is when you said things got too expensive. It doesn't seem like you were given very good advice in the beginning. Depending on the circumstances you may very well be entitled to compensation through your state road authority (i.e. Transport Accident Commission in Victoria) that will cover all ongoing treatment expenses.

If you want to look into that the best thing to do is consult with a personal injury lawyer to see what entitlement you could get. At the very least you could continue that help you started.

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xXJIGSAWXx and welcome to Beyond Blue forums

My heart goes out to you. I can’t even begin to imagine how you are feeling. Thank you for reaching out here and sharing your story. The trauma of not only the accident but the ongoing operations you had is significant. Your body, mind and soul have been through so much over the past 3 years.

It’s rough that the psychologist in hospital only visited you the once.

I too have PTSD, anxiety and depression not from a MVA or MBA, but from other trauma. It’s the pits at time, however, it is manageable ongoing process. I’ve lived with it for 50 years.

Dealing with emotions and feelings is hard, so I understand completely why you haven’t opened up yet. I always had to appear strong and in control - never show my emotions or feelings.

That had to change because, as you say, my anger and irritability increased the longer I capped my emotions and feelings.

Putting a lid on things didn’t help me. It was like a pressure cooker and when the lid finally blew, I had a breakdown. I’m better now with the work I’ve done with some very caring psychologists over the past 8 years. Finding a good psychologist helped me so much.

Has your GP put you on a Mental Health Plan? Under this plan you are eligible to receive 10 bulk billed visits to a psychologist (that does bulk billing or alternatively one that doesn’t and you pay the gap only) per calendar year.

Talking with someone is always a help I find. Who do you have you can talk to? For example close family member like your mum or a trusted friend?

Not sure where you are located, I’m just wondering if you’ve tried a support groups, for example - survivors of MVA/MBA in your town or city?

I agree with UpNDown that it would be a good idea for you to check out compensation through your state road authority.

Let us know how you get on, if and when you want to. You're not alone out there.

Kind regards


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Same with my bf he's looking for someone to talk too aswell...