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EMDR Therapy

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Hi All,


Has anyone undergone EMDR therapy and if so can you share your experience?


My psychologist has recommended I undertake a course and has said you don’t have to talk about the issues with the therapist. I don’t quite understand what she means is would be keen to hear some experiences of others. 


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Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hey Rupes, just wanting to respond and give you some support. 


I searched for an EMDR Psychologist but the one I was referred to only does Exposure Therapy. I did that and had success. Still have to manage things but nowhere near the triggers I had before this therapy. 


I am not trying to sway you! 
I Googled EMDR and there are some clips of people undergoing it. 
Seems quite a gentle therapy but I have no personal experience of it, sorry! 


I hope other forums members who have had EMDR, can come on and give you their run down on it. 


Take care

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Thanks a lot