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Anzac Day, Remembrance Day - to all our veterans

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Community Champion

As a former Defence Airman I salute you all. Australia has a fine record of male and female defence personnel from all corners of our society that served. People from indigenous mobs, multicultural backgrounds or several generations of Australian migration from the UK, we naturally developed a sense of duty all under the Aussie banner.


We have many scarred Aussies that returned from war or disrupted nations in peace keeping roles and many of them came back struggling to fit back into our lives. Some carry on with PTSD and its ramifications. We therefore have some that didnt succeed in that task and we honour them.


We Community Champions and members, are here to listen. Feel free to post




They came home to jeers along a Townsville street

Eggs, insults and abuse Is all they got to greet


They’d endured the Asian jungles where every step you take

Be wary of that trap or your chest would wear a stake


In combat with their mates with honour they’d bestow

Crank up that rifle, is it friend or is it foe?


With shrapnel in their backs and poison from orange air

Their fight would go for years but no one showed their care


As the Townsville streets cursed when our heros paced the town

Soldier honour put on hold their dignity a frown


And wait they’d have to do like a falling shell

They fought for this land Australia from the battlefield of hell


Do you know Vietnam Vets? Then show them of your jest

Shake their hand to understand, acknowledging your best


But we should always remember to never relive the past

The day Aussie soldiers were jeered, let it be our last


When we see our wartime hero’s and remember those that fell,

Let us not forget the brave….from the battlefield of hell….




Another diggers day

To a bar to sink the myths

Flip a coin and dispel the stories

On April twenty fifth


A belly of swill in a uniform of pain

Ribbons on chest and that word “lest”

As he walked home in the rain

Dare we think how

                They ever survived the April hours

For those diggers are our mates and we shouldn’t hesitate

To honour those diggers of ours.


Rest your weary legs

It was luck and the fall of the dice

In you we believe and together we all grieve

For those soldiers sacrificed…..


So, I ask you veterans, to put faith in us, to see clearly that many of us understand your sacrifice both overseas and now back home. That there is much of your memories that we could never relate to but our ears are still available.


Thankyou for your service.



RAAF 1973-1976

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Community Champion

Dear Tony,


Thank you for your services in protecting our beautiful country….


Thank you to all the servicemen and women who have and are protecting our beautiful Australia….


Many never came back, many came back physically and mentally scared….which is so heartbreaking,  knowing  they gave their lives to protect people they didn’t even know…We are all here because of them…we have our freedom because of these brave men and women….


God Bless them all….past, present and future…….all the brave people of our defence forces….🇦🇺….Honour them from deep within our hearts, they deserve it so much..




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Great poem. My dad was in the RAAF, even in Vietnam at one stage. Now and then he'd be yelling in the middle of the night as he recalled something from his past. Other times he'd be joking about how the firecrackers on new years eve sounded like mortar attacks and looked similar to the flares theyd fire up. He never talked about it much unless he had a scotch in his hand.