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I have bad anxiety and I constantly have like a knot in my stomach, everything is magnified 100 per cent and I am in a constant state of worry it's affecting my sleep terribly does this sound familiar to anyone?

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Dear Emiliam~

Welcome here ot the support forum. Yes indeed it sounds only too familiar. You placed your post in the PTSD & Trauma section so I'm assuming something has happened to you.


I have  ongoing anxiety together with some other things.  This leads me to relive the past, overthinking the past and future, sometimes really worry things will turn out very badly, and of course do not sleep well. 


It also give me physical symptoms including a knot in the stomach. It is very hard to get the right perspective on things and I often rely upon my partner to tell me I'm overreacting. Do you have anyone you can trust you can rely upon to do this?


I found to start wiht I could not make things better for myself, it did take medical assistance to improve matters. As a result do you mind if I ask if you have any medical help?


I hope, if you are willing, to talk with you again and see how you are going



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Thank you for sharing how you're feeling with us, we warmly welcome you to the forums. I know many of us on here do indeed struggle with anxiety as you've described, myself included.


The constant state of worry has affected my life for years, on and off. It's a vicious cycle, because the worrying will affect your sleep, which in turn can even magnify the worrying.


As for the sleep side of things, meditation, reading, and journaling can all be really good habits to get into before you try and fall asleep, as they can put you in a far better headspace if you're struggling with anxious thoughts at night. Even listening to ASMR on YouTube can be really helpful, as it's designed to induce relaxation and calm an anxious mind.


Building on Croix's words, have you ever had a chat to a professional about how you're feeling? A GP, therapist, or psychologist can often give really good professional advice to help you combat feelings of anxiety by equipping you with tools and strategies to use if you feel yourself transitioning into that state of worry.


Do you find that you have a trigger for your anxiety, or does it appear to happen sporadically? This can be a good place to start if you're wanting to know how to get yourself out of that constant state of worry. 


Please let us know how you're feeling and if this advice helps. We're here to listen and chat when you need. 🙂