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Exiled for no reason

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Hi, I’m Red and I’m of Asian background.

Recently corona and black lives matter has been taking over 2020. But many people realise, that while black lives matter, so does every other life. But apparently that doesn’t matter. I have nothing against the protests or any race, but you can’t ask to be treated as an equal and then turn around and belittle someone.

Due to Corona, my family is coping it, due to our decent. People have been calling eachother names since the start of time! But, Have you ever walked down a street only for everyone to cross the road to the other side? Have you ever walked with you grandma only for a man come over and call her a prostitue due to her race? Have you ever had someone deliberately cough on you? Have you ever been sent to the back of the class and shunned into being forced to wear a mask?

I don’t understand why people use race as an excuse to belittle others, to make themselves feel better. In the end we are all human and there is nothing we can do about it.

This was not meant to offend, it’s based off of my experiences. I apologise if it does offend.

— Red Velevet

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Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Dear Red,

I'm sorry about the racism you have faced because of the virus. It truly is disgusting that people can act this way towards another human being simply because of the way they look. I understand how you feel. The pandemic has brought out the worst in some people and people of Asian descent in Australia are struggling with more racist encounters despite having done nothing wrong. We can't change the behaviour of racist people, but as hard as it is, I really hope you don't let these incidents make you feel any less about yourself. You're right, we're all human after all. I still like to believe that the majority of people we meet are good people, and we can't let these racists ruin our view of society in general.

Black Lives Matter is a complex movement that aims to address the injustices against our Indigenous communities. It doesn't mean that Asian lives or any other lives do not matter; rather, it aims to draw attention to the particular wrongs that were done and are still being done to Indigenous communities. I know you did not mean to offend, and I don't think members of our community will misunderstand your intentions. I understand where your frustration is coming from, but I do hope your frustration doesn't stop you from supporting another community which has struggled with its own, long history with racism.

Take care,

Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hi Red_Velvet,

Thank you for such a open, honest and raw post.

I'm so sorry that you and your loved ones have had to endure the experiences you've mentioned, racism isn't on! I think our community I hypersensitive at the moment, due to how vulnerabilities COVID brings.

Let's hope that it all settles down once COVID is under control. I hope your grandma is okay!