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Dating as an Indian man

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For some context, I am a 19-year-old man of Indian Origin, and I moved to Australia when I was three, so I'm pretty much an aussie. My experience with women has been non-existent. I'm still a virgin, I haven't even kissed anybody. I have many female friends, but I only see them as friends, so it proves that I can talk to women. I don't trust these thoughts in my head, but I feel like in the back of my mind, very few women want to date an indian guy. I am well aware of the negative stereotypes associated with indian men. The fact that we're labelled as creeps. Even my own sister said that she would never date an indian guy, and that makes me feel even worse. I am a pretty short guy too (around 5 foot 4) so it could be this, but there are girls a lot shorter than me who still wouldnt see me as dating potential. I just feel like women look at me and immediately think "creep". I am also quite dark for an indian guy, and colourism is quite prevalent in indian culture, so I feel like a lot of indian chicks wouldnt date me either. I just feel lonely and lost and I feel ashamed that I still haven't dated at all.

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l can hear what your saying , but at the same time, all types of people, women and men not just men or someone specific, never get started until a bit later on , or meet that somebody.

And height, man , one of the happiest nicest blokes l know is only 5ft but he also only weighs 45kg , told me he's lighter than most jockeys, and he doesn't even drive. But guess what, he has a beautiful relationship most people would envy, and his woman loves him to bits. She was his first ever and only gf, met mid 20ish, love first sight been married 20yrs. Try not to worry l know that's easier said than done but you just never know what's round the corner.

See plenty of Indian guys with lovely women , wives, families.


Take care. rx