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Workplace Lack of Support

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I work in education, I love the kids and seeing them succeed. Over the past few years things have started to become almost unbearable outside the classroom. Entitled kids and parents that don't believe the rules apply to them (ie: playground is closed before and after school for safety reasons as no staff on duty), administration that doesn't support staff (ie: students are allowed to constantly do the wrong thing or be disrespectful without consequence), administration and teachers that just want to be everybody's friend (I believe that there needs to be a clear line between teachers and students) and allow students to consistently break the rules and undermine other staff directions to students for the same reason. It removes any sense of control, being supported and creates a lot of anxiety. I just don't understand why parents think its okay to ignore the rules and show their kids this is okay and some parents/teachers can't see that children need rules and guidance to give them a better chance to succeed outside the school environment. An employer isn't going to give someone a 2nd chance after swearing at them etc

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Community Champion

I understand your frustration - even though I have not experienced anything like that first hand. As someone with family members in education, I've heard similar concerns about the difficulties teachers face today. The classroom is still a joy, but policies and attitudes that undermine classroom authority can make things much harder.


It's understandable to want to vent about entitled students and parents who don't respect reasonable rules. And without administrative support to uphold standards of behavior, it can feel impossible to maintain order and safety.


I don't really know what the answer is. Sorry.


Maybe ... focus on the positives with your students, and don't let the broken parts of the system overshadow the good you do each day. And when it all feels like too much, venting to colleagues who understand can help.