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Sparatic drug use and decision-making processes not right

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  1. Hi I have an issue where I go well for weeks and then because i feel no happiness I stupidly make a decision to use drugs to numb the pain I feel. I am a single dad and have alot of depression driving me to make these decisions. I need long term help and strategies 
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Valued Contributor

Hello Guest_82564532


I understand drug dependance/addiction is not just about the substance. A person's whole life can be impacted by such a dependance/addiction to anything. That's why I think getting the support of a therapist/counsellor & a group would be ideal.

I think it can help to be accountable to someone. If you are struggling to be accountable to yuorself, that's where a group or therapist/counsellor can help. Just knowing yu have to rock up & either admit to what you've used, or lie or indeed be proud to say yu've not used this week is so valuable.

I found it easier to quit alcohol & know I wouldn't have totell my Psychiatrist that I'd been drinking, because I had vowed to myself that I'd never lie about it.

Then having more things to do, keeping busy, which I might have thought would be too difficult having a child/children to care for. ... what do I know? I have no kids in my care.

I also had to deal with all the pain & such I was trying to avoid with the alcohol. That was hard, but necessary. Again, I found my Psychiatrist most helpful.

Annoyingly enough, I have also had to accept that being alive does not guarentee happiness. I do accept that my life may never be really exciting or full or will see me making any profound contributions, nor that I will be able to do things so well that I can sit back & revel in them with complete pleasure ... no, what I hope for now is to roll around in the middle somewhere, not way down in the deepest abyss nor ever achieving such complete contentment that I smile every day. I am actually glad for that.

I live better now, eat better, exercise more, am looking after myself better than ever. A vast improvement on where I was before.

On BB, 'Mental Health Conditions', you can find a section on 'Depression', where many people have written about what they do to manage their condition.  also, in 'Caring for Myself and Others', 'Staying Well'