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Now do you cope with someone who thinks they are always right.?

Community Champion
Community Champion

I live with someone who is always right.

i have tried say nothing , I have tried calmly stating my view but the person can’t hand,e me having my own opinion. Then it mends up in me being called names. 
people tell me let it go and cwhy should it matter. 

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Community Member

My husband! Like my son said, he has to win every conversation.


He also starts a sentence with I need to tell you something and don’t start yelling at me.


I don’t yell at him as if I so much as raised my voice to be heard, it was met with a slap or even grabbing my throat.


Just over a month ago he accelerated and ran straight into the garage door because he was looking down while texting and driving into the driveway, except that he didn’t hit the brakes. I didn’t say a word. I just thought to myself, that’s just typical of him. Anyway the door was so badly bent and buckled that we needed a new one. My son was the brave one who called him an f****** idiot. I couldn’t get my car out for 5 weeks but I didn’t complain. 

My husband yells at me and then before I even have time to react, he yells, don’t yell me… 


Ow, he’s called me every awful word you can imagine when I refuse to do something that’s immoral or unethical. 

Quirky, I politely try to say, we have differing views on this. Like domestic violence. See I am crazy, so I deserve it. Any domestic violence and abuse is the women’s fault. 

Peace and blessings to you. 🙏🏼

Community Champion
Community Champion

Hello Dear Quirky,


I am so sorry you’re living with someone like that…it’s really so hard to not have your point of view/ opinion heard….I can relate so much to your words🤗


A few times early in our marriage, I did think it was important to try to get my view across and I suppose in a way…to try to prove him wrong….that ended up with me finding myself very sore and sorry……


I learnt the hard way, I guess I could say, that if I knew I was right, that was enough for me…if he was wrong, sooner or later he would find out in some way or another, not that he ever told me or apologised for it…..That didn’t matter to me either….I preferred peace when I could get it….I think that if you know you are right, then just let it go…for me….it really wasn’t worth the name calling, the shouting, the physical abuse etc….that I went through….peace was and still is more important to me, then trying to change someone’s view on something…because they think think they are right…nothing said will ever change their way of thinking/ doing things…


Not sure how you feel about what I’ve written?….


Kind thought sweet Quirky, with my love and hugs….❤️🤗.




Community Champion
Community Champion

Thanks Fiatlux I feel your situation is far more than mine .i don’t do anything and always agree agree bu he still starts arguing .

Community Champion
Community Champion

Thanks grand , I never say what I think if it disagrees with partner.

thanks for your post. 

Hi quirky,


Being called names is awful. It’s abusive. If I think back to High School, being called frigid because you were quiet and conservative or just plain not interested in having anything to do with a person, it would be turned around and you were made the problem.


When my brother started to get to know my husband when we started dating, he told me that he thought my husband was a d***head and I shouldn’t marry him. I knew my brother was right but said nothing as I probably would have defended my then boyfriend. 

It’s difficult even discussing the gendered violence against women that is in the news. It’s nothing new to be on the receiving end of male violence, but we didn’t openly speak about it. 

Take care and peace and respect to you. Fiatlux 🙏🏼