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Burn out at work

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After a long few months of battling to get through each day that escalated to me breaking down when my boss asked me a simple question, I decided to ask for help. Within a few minutes I was told I was in burn out and given a few strategies to try to help. 


I'm beyond exhausted and just don't have the energy to even think about these strategies let alone put them in place. 


I would love any advice, help anything right now that might help. 


Was anyone put on any medication to help them through burn out? 


Any help would be amazing!!!


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hello and welcome.


I'm so sorry you're struggling with such severe burnout. It's brave to reach out and ask for support when you're at your lowest point. Please don't lose hope...


I could say I was in a similar place, but my psychologist might argue otherwise. I have major anxiety and depression and most of that I would say came from the work I did (past tense). 


In the very first sessions it was suggested to install a couple of apps onto my phone. Lots of talk therapy to determine coping strategies etc. Also sleep was non-negotiable. I disconnected from work and toxic inputs as much as possible - even turning off notifications.


Most importantly, be patient and compassionate with yourself. There's no quick fix, but with time and care, you can and will recover. Wishing you all the best on this journey. 


And listening if you want to chat some more.

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Have you talked to your workplace Work Health and Safety representative? If burnout is caused by your work then you may be eligible for Worker's Compensation to help you recover from a psychological injury like burnout. This includes covering treatment and wages for a period while you recover. If you are exhausted the most important thing you can do is rest, and to do that you need to completely unplug from work for a while. Depending on how long you've been feeling exhausted it may take some time to start feeling better. Medication may help but this should not be used as a bandaid to help you keep going at work. Your body is sending you a very clear message that you need to do something for yourself, and you need to listen to that. I know it can be hard to step away from the workplace especially if you have heavily invested yourself in the outcome of a project, or have lots of people depending on you. But you can't pour from an empty cup!