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Anxiety symptom makes me gag

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Hi its ny first time posting. Ive been suffering anxiety now for over 3 months and it came out of the blue. ...wasnt sure what was happening to me. Been to doctors and dicussed all sorts of treatments. Lots of ups and downs. One sympton lve been having over the last month is gagging every morning abd there is no medical reason for it. ...has anyone else experienced this ...its really imoacted my life terribly
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Hi Mitchy

Im checking in to see how you are doing and if your physical symptoms have improved. ..hope you are ok

Hi Jill

I had nausea in the morning and IBS during the day for several months. I can’t remember how long it lasted but yes, it did go away.

Hi Annie

You really had it tough and can relate but without IBS. I really hate how this makes me feel...never know what each day will bring. I try so many different things to not focus on it to much. I think lve forgotten how it feels to feel good. Tomorrow its my birthday so lm going to have a good day hopefully. ...thanks again Annie

Hope you have a good day and happy birthday for tomorrow:)

I took an antacid at night for a while and was very careful with what I ate and gradually it got better. As you say trying not to focus on it also helps. What do you do for that? I knit...but I used a lot of YouTube and headspace meditations for a while there.

Thank you Annie.

I like to go for walks or listen to music. I also listened to alot of meditation as well mostly at nights.l try to keep busy. I might try the antiacids again.

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Jill, hi there. How are your symptoms going? I have gagging from my anxiety and have suffered multiple bouts over a few years. First time back in 2011, which lasted for about a year. And now have had it again since about Jan/Feb last year. Like you, mine is bad in the mornings. But it also lasts throughout my day and into my nights. I have to speak publicly for my work and it is crippling. Just so awful. Like you, I’m trying to cope with psych appointments and meditation/exercise. But I don’t seem to be improving this time around. I really hope things are better for you. It really is such a horrible thing to live with. And it’s so rare to find others who understand. Best wishes, Kim

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And Jill, I forgot to say that finding more information on what’s referred to as ‘plum stone throat’ might also be helpful to you. It explains that it is likely a muscle spasm in the throat related to stress (including heightened emotional state) that causes the gagging symptom. I found it helpful to read about. Best, Kim

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Hi Kim

Sorry for late reply. My symptoms of gagging or dry heaving for going really well for quite a few months but last 2 mornings its made a return so lm quite distressed. ..lm anxious over this virus so lm guessing my anxiety is rising again. Im scared lm going backwards again. Hope yourvok lm trying not to worry lm going to my gp today.

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Thanks Kim l will look into it. Definitely a awful symptom to get on top of...thanks for help l totally understand.

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Hi Jill, I hope you are doing well.

I came across this post and found the gagging very relatable. Let me explain my situation.

I started getting anxiety from covid and from the lockdown. I was worried about catching covid because of all the negative information on the media. Along with this, we were stuck in lockdown so there was not much to do but think. My whole routine of working, sports and seeing friends was all changed to just staying at home.

I usually experience situational anxiety, so it goes away when the problem is cleared. With covid, my anxiety came back. At first I had difficulty swallowing my food. Then I started gagging before my meals because I would feel so nauseas. As lockdown was over, my anxiety went away but it came back again due to worries about other things and with that, came the gagging and feeling spaced out.

It has been 6 months now. The gagging seems to come before meals when I am feeling extra stressed, but it goes away as quickly.

It usually happens like this: I feel more spaced out then usual from something stressful, then stress about eating, I feel nauseas and then when I am about to eat, the gagging comes. As silly as it sounds, when I am feeling extra spaced out and nauseas, when I gag I feel better. But I know it's not normal to be relying on that to make the nausea go away. The gagging has only been coming back once a month, but physical symptoms also include spaced out and nauseas before eating due to fears of gagging.

My psych has said that although I'm not even worried about covid anymore, there's just new anxiety surrounding the symptoms itself.

I don't know how to break this chain and was if you or anybody else has any advice for this.