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5 days after quitting cocaine

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Hi everyone 


I’m new to this but thought I would share my journey . Never did any drugs up until 5 years ago when I turned 35 .

Alcohol was a once a year thing and 2 glasses would have me dancing on tables. 

I was then introduced to coke . At first it was super casual and slowly progressed into every weekend . I would get excited just to do it . During the lockdowns it became far more frequent . Every Third day on average I would say . Last Monday I decided to flush the remainder and I’m now about to sleep and complete day 5 . I find myself getting irritable and somewhat anxious . I have thought about it a fair bit but I continue to remind myself about everything I hate about using it . All the thoughts I would feel afterwards etc 

I have delete the dealers numbers and blocked the contact as well . 
I started training again this week and I will say that my body is already feeling a lot better . I just wonder how long the cloudy image I have been seeings for the past five years will last ( if that makes sense ) 


does anyone have any tips for me and timelines of when I could be on top of this 

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Champion Alumni

Hello jaken, an enormous effort and well done because what it does is control your life in every aspect possible not allowing you to progress in any way, which happens with any type of addiction, it runs your life.

To step away from doing this, you need to appreciate that it's not like turning on/off a light switch, you once again have to program your thoughts, because even an alcoholic who has stopped drinking still call themselves an alcoholic, even though they aren't drinking and learn that they won't be tempted by anyone or the lure of having alcohol placed in front of you will not tempt you to start drinking again.

The applies to drugs and it's great you have deleted these people from any contact, because at the moment these people aren't who you want to be around with.

By training starts to reprogram your mind, knowing that by doing this makes you feel so much better and at the back of your mind know how drugs control you as well as make you broke.

I couldn't be more proud of you and slowly your mind will let you understand how awful it was taking the drugs and now you are moving on.

Give yourself time to readjust because you will sleep better, plus enjoy the food you eat and once again love what you had before and the more you become stronger the better you will become.

Again I couldn't be more of you.


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Appreciate the reply .  I’m pushing as hard as I can . I’m sure it’ll get easier and I’m really looking forward to getting the control back . 
mill keep you updated for Sur e

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi Jaken

I'm pleased to see you here, in this place where you can find people to talk to & who will support you on this new path in your life. I'm proud of you for choosing to quit the cocaine.

I would like to encourage you to write down all the reasons you have for quitting cocaine.

I ask this because it has been useful to me to remember why I quit cigarettes & alcohol, 7& even coffee, & now making a greater effort to eat well & to exercise, for yy own sake, for my health & well-being, including my mental health. We all deserve this, you, me, Geoff, everyone.

You are welcome to come here & talk via the forums, or you can call BB's own counselling service when you need someone to talk to immediately. Just call 1300 224 636.

May I ask, do you have people around you, supporting you?

By the way, great thinking, to delete those contacts. Stay strong, especially if any of those people come to your door, acting like friends - don't buy their bull either, eh.

I can't answer your question. Maybe a GP, or if they can't themselves, they could refer you to people who can.

My very best to you, Jaken, & I hope to see you around the forums.