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Why can’t I let this go

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Hey it’s been a long time since I have been here and it feels like my entire life has changed . It’s a long story but some back story is important for the convo so here goes .

rougly 7 years ago now after a long surgery I awoke to news that still to this day breaks my heart . My surgery had found that my tubes were blocked and I was labeled as infertile and instructed to either do IVF and fall pregnant or plan for a historectomy I would never be able to have a family of my own , never know the surprise of a random pregnancy . We went on the IVF road and we’re beyond blessed to welcome a little girl in 2015 and a little boy in 2018 .
I can’t work out why the grief from that period won’t leave me I have worked on so many things in my life but this subject still haunts me tell me I’m not alone

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Champion Alumni

Hi fifi,

Wellcome back.

Im sorry that you have experienced this I understand that it would be difficult for you.

It must have been so hard for you when you experienced the grief you experienced at that moment I understand it would have been heart wrenching and a shock to be told this.

Its hard…. Why can’t you let it go?

Have you been able to allow the emotions to arise in you from this part of your life and really let them be there and acknowledge them?

I believe to really be able to heal from something we need to allow the emotions and then move through them with a different outcome in the end……….

A different outcome in our mind ….. a new pathway….

Maybe forgiving ourselves if we need to or others….

Congratulations on your beautiful children that you have now……