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Sudden loss of my young sister

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a Month ago my 22yo sister passed away suddenly. She was the healthiest happiest and kindest person and I don’t understand. No one can tell us why that is was just a sudden cardiac event. I can’t sleep, I can’t talk to anyone and I feel so guilt that I couldn’t protect her. My wife wants me to open up but I don’t know how.

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Hi BC16,

I am sorry for what you have been through and unfortunately I do understand how you feel. 3 weeks ago I lost my completely healthy happy fun loving 30 yr old newly married sister in a senseless accident. It was not even her fault. She was hit by a car whilst she was crossing a suburban street at a zebra crossing. I feel terrible about no being there for her, terrible that I am still alive, terrible that my life is going to move forward and hers is not. How have you been coping over the past few months?