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Sudden loss of my husband

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Hi everyone,

My husband died in a motorbike accident on Friday 2 houses up from ours. We have a 13yo daughter. I have amazing support from friends but I feel utter despair at times. I'm so scared to be on my own and bring our daughter up. How do I ever get through this?

I have a counsellor appointment tomorrow for myself and my daughter wanted to go back to school on Monday so that has been good for her. The funeral is this Friday a very small and quick service.

Any advice and support is welcomed, Thank you, Lisa

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Hi Lisa,

Welcome back and thanks for reaching out again. I'm glad to hear that you have great support around you to help you through this difficult time. I'm glad that your daughter has the help she needs at school and that teachers are more understanding of the situation. It seems that you are doing better and that you are seeking out ways to help you process your emotions and your grief. You are doing an amazing job and yes it is normal to have good and bad days. Take it one step at a time and things will get better. We are always here for you if you ever need us.

Hi Lisa4121

A very warm welcome back. So good to hear you have not been in this alone and you and your daughter are getting a steady stream of support.
I am also very glad to hear you are taking your time but nevertheless don’t give in and doing things for you and your daughter. This so important and takes so much effort and strength. You are doing so well. Continue to be gentle to yourself. So good your counsellor is a great one too.
Take a good care of yourself.