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Loss of my beautiful Mumma

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I just recently loss my beautiful Mumma to cancer, 2/7/22, two months ago they told us it was terminal 😭 my mum turned 74 on the 1/7/22 and passed at 5:19 am in the morning,  my mum was my confidant and was the only person that understood me, I feel so sad and heartbroken,  I have comfort in knowing she believed in Jesus Christ and up in heaven celebrating but I'm never going to be or feel the same again. I lost my partner Rod 4 years ago to cancer also and just starting to get my life a little better and in some form of reality now this, my mum gone. She fought the good fight .she was a amazing inspiration woman. I'm so lost n lonely , this world feels so cold now.  I will never stop loving and thinking of my Mumma, thank you for letting me vent in this forum. GOD bless you all 🙏🏻

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Dear Earthlyme,

Thank you for choosing our community to join! We are very grateful to have you here, and we hope that you will get as much out of being with us as we will from having you here.

This is a heartbreakingly brave post. Thank you for finding the strength to share with us this part of your journey. It is so difficult to encourage any particular way of thinking or seeking support when the pain of grief is still so raw; in many ways, you are doing perfectly what we would recommend right now - Taking your time, getting it out, reaching out, and celebrating all of Mum's strengths and virtues. 

Perhaps for now we should encourage you to continue doing exactly this! Please go at your own pace, take your time - feel, breathe, mourn.

If for any reason this gets overwhelming for you, or the distress becomes a struggle in any way, please consider reaching out to our amazing friends at Griefline - 1300 845 745

Remember that everything is anguish for a while, please don't judge yourself harshly. IF you need us for any reason, please feel free to grab us on 1300 22 4636, or click here to start a webchat with us. Most of all, please keep in touch with everyone here, and ask for help and advice as often as you need. We want to hear what is happening for you.


Sophie M

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Community Champion



Thank you for sharing your story. One of my jobs is as a parish administrator and am responsible for producing funeral service guides etc. There are other functions that I perform in relation to funerals as well, and perhaps one of the main ones is talking with the family about the service guides, photos and sometimes the stories behind them. Putting aside any privilege in this, but get the see the depth of the relationships between the family and the person who died. i cam see from your post that you and your mum had a special relationship. 


There will be times, occasions, smells or other things that will trigger a memory. 


In these times I can only really listen to someone tell their story. Many a time I will tell that person that however they are feeling is normal and the same I will say to you now. There is a gap or hole in your life that was your mother. Sophie_M has mentioned some groups that you can reach out to if you feel the need. 


I would ask whether you have friends or co-workers that you can talk to? I get it from what you are saying that  your mum was the only person who understood you but ... Please do not think that you have to answer the question here.  After all I know very little about you or your family or ...


But I can listen if you want to talk some more.

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Hello Earthlyme, my sincere sympathy for the loss of your dear mum and although she may have suffered and I certainly hope not, I'm sure there was love for you as there was for you with her.

It's so hard to adjust , especially when you don't get her experienced advice and want to offer you all my empathy.


Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Sorry for your lost of your beautiful mother.Cancer took my mother Christmas day at 2pm 2013 and it feels like yesterday.The grieving process is different for everyone.We all seem to grieve in our own way but make sure you do grieve and remember the wonderful mother you had.I planted a special rare rose that had been growing on the farm that she was very proud of.I hope you can find a special way to remember your mother.

Community Champion
Community Champion

Hello Dear Earthlyme,

I am so deeply sorry that you have lost both your beautiful mother and caring partner to cancer...my deepest and most sincere condolences to you and your family...

I lost my husband 9 years ago this August to cancer....it’s a horrible illness and my heart really goes out to you dear lady...

I do believe in heaven and that one day we will all meet up again..when we are called home, it doesn’t make it any easier believing in this I know....but it’s something I hold on to...

Grieving is a personal thing to go through, and it hasn’t got a time limit...even after 9 years I grieve for certain good qualities that my husband had....

I read once that grieving is all the love we have for them with no where to go...Please Dear Earthlyme..Try hard to remember and cherish all the good times and memories that you had and made with your beautiful mum....They are tucked safely in your heart, and you can call on them in times of deep sadness...I have a picture of my husband I have placed in a quiet area of my home, with some candles around him...when I’m feeling overwhelmed and sad..I will light the candles and “talk” to him....it does help me....

I know it’s hard for you right now, but please do try hard to care for yourself the best you can...we care about you and we are all here for you Dear Earthlyme, anytime you feel to talk...please do so, we will try our best to support and hopefully comfort you the best we can....

My kindest and most caring thoughts dear Earthlyme..





Thank you so much for your careing kind words xo

Thank you sooo much for your support and kind words xo

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Thank you sooo much for your kind words xo

Thank you for your support and encouragement and kindness big your words, muchly appreciated 🙏🏻💜