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I'm starting a new discussion

Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

I'm starting a new discussion because I am feeling totally lost with this new set up.

I can' locate any of the old threads I used to feel comfort in reading and occasionally contributing to.

I don't feel at all welcome in this new set up, far from it, I feel more disconnected than ever while at the same time people can see everything I have ever written, but I am having trouble contacting others!

To anyone else who feels a little confused and unwelcome, I totally understand!

I am disorientated and hope to feel more orientated somehow!

I receive notifications, but when I click on them, I can't even find the notification.

The Newest to Oldest option doesn't seem to work.

I have commented on a couple pf other posts about my struggles with the new set up...but can't find those posts anywhere!

It seems to me that if I start up this new discussion, then I should be able to find it under my own profile?

Maybe I will just chat with myslef here for a while until I either figure this new system out of give up!




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Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hello Doolhof, 😺Great to see you.

I'm so sorry you are finding this new set up so difficult. I've been wandering around, & seeing many people are struggling with it, & I do doo. 

I'm not surre if instructions I give will help if you are coming to BB via your phone or tablet. I'm using my old PC, with my screen looking very dark & the writing is white. That's just more comfortable for me, but it makes some things look different & hard to find. Thing like the NOtifications button, up near th search magnifying glass shape. It looks to me like a unfilled circle but I think it's supposed to be a bell shape.   That's my eyes.

When I have found a Disccussion/thread, & I want to see in there or in my profile page, someone has responded, I am using the 'Options' at the top of the page, & I 'Follow' it it.  Trouble is what I find in the Notifications or in mMy Profile doesn't really tell me clearly who & when posted to any of the Discussions I have Followed. 

Being able to click on someone's name near their profile picture, wherever you spot it within a Discussion, is a  problem for people who don't want others to be able to see everything they have ever written here. It does allow for us to find where to find you, though. I cn't remember everywhere I've seen you, even lately. That's 'cause of my memory getting so bad. I realised I felt like I was snooping, as if into someone's private room. I've suggested that people ought to be able to choose whether or not to allow anyone to see all those listed Threads of old for this reason.

I've been wanting to find you, so I was happy to discover this Discussion this morning, under, 'All Posts', near the big logo. Other brand new Discussions ts can be found there. 

Who are you looking for? Maybe I can help locate them, & put up a link here. Or I could tell you, click here, here, & here, in the order to take you to them, hopefully  in a Discussion you were talking to them in. If you know the title of any Discussion, tht ould help.

I would like to see you around more again. 

Let's see if we cab work some of the problems out.😺



Summer Rose
Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi Dools

Great idea with this thread.

I feel a lot like you at present. I’m sort of watching what’s going on, pressing buttons and trying to piece it all together! It just makes me feel old!!!

I can’t offer you much help with the new system, I’m struggling at present. But I can let you know that I care about you and wish that things weren’t so hard for you. Also, I really encourage you to email bb with your privacy concerns. I’ve done so and know they want to help people.

At the moment I get notifications sometimes, so if you don’t hear from me again it’s because I can’t find you.

Kind thoughts to you 

Hi Summer Rose,

Thanks for dropping by. I feel like a total idiot trying to navigate this new forum!

Why is it so hard to find discussions that you have not started yourself, ones that you used to be connected to?

Apart from trying to navigate this new system yourself, how are you travelling?





Hi Kitty,

Thanks. I'm afraid it is hard to navigate something you just don't understand. I will try the "Follow" thing and see what happens.

Due to past experiences with trying to study online with very basic computer skills, no help available, angry people telling me to hurry up and hand in assignments, and threats of having Centrelink funds stopped,  anything to do with learning new computer programs and skills sometimes causes  severe anxiety!

I had to do some online training for work to do at home and totally lost it!

I didn't find the BB video very helpful and don't know where to access it again!

Part of me feels like this service is only for the tech savvy now.

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hey Dools, I'm so glad you found another way to stay with the forums here. Yes I'm finding it confusing and frustrating at times too. Know you're not alone!
My own thread show up in "Your discussions" but any other people's I write in, even I press "Follow", don't turn up anywhere special. 


I was able to use the "search" button to find Blues Clues Thread on Minimalism because I remembered a word or close word in the title.  


How are you doing? 
It's been very cold here and oh so much rain! So many flooding events here this year. If I hadn't loved through them, I wouldn't believe it myself lol. 


Are you still working? 
Have you been doing any craft projects lately? 


Talk soon! 
Love EM

Community Member

HI  I totally understand how you feel.  The thing that i dont understand is what was wrong with the old forums and why did it need to change.     Beaser.

Community Champion
Community Champion

Hello Dools,

The change has definitely been a big one and you aren't alone in this.


What I've started doing is I click "Follow Post" on the first thread of every thread I want to keep track of. This means that whenever I want to check in on a thread, all I need to do is I click my own name and it shows me the ones I have followed. It's not the same as before, but it's one way I keep track of which ones I've replied to.


Hope you are doing well otherwise! I know the BB team really do care about everyone here, and hopefully it will not take too long for the experience to become more positive.



Summer Rose
Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi Dools

I’m feeling better now that I found you!  I thought I’d set notifications but don’t get them. I suspect I’ve done something wrong, which is not surprising. Should have seen me when I got a new TV remote control! Took weeks to master it!!
I just keep saying to myself  “give it time” and keep plodding along.

You take care.


Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hello Doolhof, & to James1, Summer Rose, EM, Beaser,

James1 has a good idea there.

What I have done to find this Discussion of yours again was to click on my own little picture up there, near the top right corner, & I then see where to clidk 'Profile' & there is a list showing Discussions I've posted & Followed,(under Options), & there was your Discussion.

My problem ws that I hadn't remembered what you'd called it, but upon seening the name again, I remembered it is yours. It would be better if the author of the Discussion  could be mentioned there, too. This 'Re: ..." business doesn't help at all. But I know how to find this list again now.

It's funny, I was thinking the exact thing about this site being better suited for computer savvy people now.

I din't find the video helpful, because I can't see it. I need clear step-by-step instructions  - not making any assumptions I know anything. I'm forgetting too much now, & it may get worse, eh?

Seems i had a lot of anxiety about learning computer stuff, & it was most difficult when someone was trying to show me, & have me do in front of them. I plug away, experimenting around the site, getting really confused at times, because I keep forgetting where I just was, or who I ws talking to, where posts were located, all of it lately. It's like my mind is really slippery

I thought some additions to the old, but not so many changes to how things are achieved. I'd have been happy with a few more options & features, like the auto-save while I'm typing, (if my PC would stop announcing the auto-save when it updates.). 

I find it easier to offer a link to a Discussion - only my own, unless I'm doing for someone else.

I'm fine with people seeing the Discussions I've made, or the list of Discussions I've posted to. There is little else there to see. I say I'm okay with it now, but who knows how I will feel after a few years of posting? I think I will still be okay, because part of my journey has been about owning my thoughts & feelings.

I'm glad some others have found you here, & I hope we will be talking again soon.