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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi Everyone,

Here are some ideas you might like to try for managing symptoms of depression. Of course everyone's different, so let us know what works for you, and please feel free to add to the list...

Mindfulness – through breathing or engaging the 5 senses

Distress Tolerance – Accepting Emotions and Self Soothing

Distraction – Put the thoughts/feelings aside and come back to them when you are ready to deal with them

Positive Affirmations – Have some affirmations written down repeat them to yourself daily

Sleep/Exercise/Diet – All 3 aspects of our lifestyle can impact the way we think/feel

Increasing Pleasurable Activities – Engage in at least one pleasurable activity per day

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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member
I love all of these! Extremely helpful and good positive outlets. I have tried many of these and find them very helpful when I'm in a downward spiral

Hey Dexter 🙂

Good on you realising you have to face depression to get through, I too am there, taking bull by horns, yeah it fights hard but it's what we have to do. Look deep inside work out what pulls us down. When we know then we can work at change. Finding and learning to use the tools, I believe we all have em but depression buries them.

I'm for one working on liking/loving myself, it use to sound like words but now I know it's essential for survival.
Our time here is longest with ourselves, so we need to find peace within.

Yes goals is good, I didn't finish a book once but what I got out of it was we need three things in life,
Something to love (didn't say necessarily someone, though it's the bomb)
Something to do
Something to work towards.

one of the most sound things I've ever heard.

All best Dexter, we need to believe first that we can beat this, half the battle.


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Hi peoples,

few tips that help me are..

1,think of the thoughts as only being "just that" (there powerless).

2,put your thoughts in a imaginary ball then roll it away,(helped me a lot).

3,breathing triangle..4secs in,hold for 2secs release for 6 secs repeat 4 times over.

4,I got a little pocket diary that I reflect on when I get caught up,I find if I write positive feeds in it I can think more clear.

5.HEADSPACE,it's a app that I use to meditate daily..

i hope this helps a little..

i still struggle but these do bring me back when I get down,even if I have to do it 1000 times a day..

its not easy I know that but just remember your beautiful & your worth everything 🙂 tomorrow is a new day & yesturday well don't worry about that because the past is the past right!!

much love..Azza..

Thanks so much for your inspiration Rubicon...I understand the Spiritual principle of Mind creates Thought creates Feeling...but struggle with the daily practice of this...eg Meditation and mindfulness at times...have recently stopped smoking and experiencing moments of Depression and Sadness at present....I know that these are the feelings I masked when I smoked...my dilemma now is....what do I do when they arise...? I’m trying to just Accept...and Let Go and Let God...this has worked for me with my Alcoholism having been sober now for 17 yrs....but really struggling now ....just wondering if you or anyone can offer some positive thoughts ....HopefulHazza😇

Congratulations Hazza 17 yrs sober, that's mammoth, very strong.

Yeah I'm in process AGAIN of giving up fags, and too am having moments of depression and sadness, I'm thinking to do with giving up an addiction.
I'm ok to have 1 or 2 here and there but haven't even been able to score that way damn it lol but overall going ok.

You got over grog, you can do this on your ear.

Good on you. Doing things to improve your life, well done.

Hey 🙂

And what I've been doing lately that's working a treat and for the first time in wow when I came out of a bipolar BP down (was a biggy cycle in length) relatively ok, had the odd downs but hacked em. f

Firm self talk, no nonsense matter of fact, NO IT"S DEPRESSION THAT WANTS TO PULL ME DOWN, I'M NOT HAVING IT. WORKed. Big happies.
It was during mania that I made my mind up and did this,& it did follow through, kept reminding myself. I've also had same with a couple of full blown anxiety (don't usually have, but usually really rough in BP & came out as anxiety attacks) did same, hard no nonsense self talk, kinda chastising yourself outta negative thinking patterns and downs. Being aware what's going on helps to say no it's ..... etc

Also exercise has helped untold esp grieving with BP on top really helped, I think apart from endorphin's being released I reckon that hard breathing is a release too. Getting that built up energy out that consumes us.

Distraction is temporary but does help aye.
It all needs to be addressed I think but in good time.

Thx for great thread 🙂

Hi Demonblaster sorry I just saw your response just now...thanks so much for your support..it’s now almost 4 weeks off the fags...have the odd craving usually the habit stuff..eg when have coffee etc...my Doc prescribed Sertraline and have been on this 100mg for 9days now...not enjoying the side effects...insomnia, nausea, and weird dreams...no motivation to do anything that I usually enjoy...and just feel like isolating and sleeping ...it’s a real struggle....wish I had your inner strengths and courage to talk to my depression and ‘take Charge’....thanks mate

Hey Hazza no probs

Congrats on durries yeah hear ya ive been off them bout 2 wks but i buy one off peeps on occasion doesnt make me wanna take up again seriously cant afford anyway

Thx yeah gettin there with depression & oh yeah its fighting but practice aye retraining mind.

Oh ive heard lot about wild dreams with patches. Hold in there you can do it 👍😊

Go easy

@demonblaster - right on i used chewing gum for my first week off durries - needed to bad - blood pressure and my elderly mum was a smoker too - she gave up about three months before she passed away - missing her bad...................what can i do?

Hey Fara sorry for loss of your Mum, yeah its rough isnt it. Someone said the person leaves but the love doesn't. That helped hearing that. Lost darling partner nearly 3 yrs ago to leukaemia.

Well done with durries, keep doin what you're doin though harder atm you need to be looking after your Blood pressure aye.

Sounds like words but time really does help ease the pain & take as long as you need to grieve.

All best Fara (( ))