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Not sure how I feel.

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Hi, I thought I would post something on here to see if I could get some support to how I am currently feeling. I am 42, no kids, no wife. Have not been able to hold on to a relationship for long enough. I bought a house under a seasonal flight path and can't forgive myself as I feel like I have failed. I want to move but the housing market is terrible. I have a stressful job that should be rewarding but feel I am not going anywhere. I feel trapped in my work and where I live. Being 42 I can't meet anyone on dating apps and all my friends are married with kids or with long term partners. I feel I am wasting my time and in a constant state of unhappiness.

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Community Champion

Hi Dom,

welcome to beyond blue.

It sounds like you have a lot on your plate at the moment based on what I have read in your post.

I an guessing from your post that you have not or cannot speak with your friends about what you feeling? Deep conversations between friends can be hard to start, but can also be rewarding. And sometimes being able to speak with someone can be better than the delayed responses you might get elsewhere. So there would always be the option of talking to a counsellor/therapist about your situation to work on some way forward.

Regarding the relationship matter, there is also a small group here...


But without asking any questions on everything you wrote in your post I would suggest you might like to have a look at a thread titles "three things to be grateful for" here...


When I felt/feel like you that I have failed and unhappy, it is good to know there are still small thing to be grateful for, that when in that state on unhappiness will ignore. I hope you come back to chat some more.