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No care given

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Hi, I’ve been struggling for the past 6 months to feel any compassion towards people anymore. Even the ones I care about the most. I’ve lost interest in everything I once used to love (quit soccer) even walking the dogs was something small I enjoyed and looked forward to now I can’t bring myself to do anything or have motivation to do anything again. I’m starting not to care about school work and struggle to be nice to people, I feel easily irritated and annoyed. A lot of my friends have gone against me recently because of this and tell me “I’ve changed”. I even feel so irritated with my own boyfriend of coming on 4 years and I don’t know how to fix this. I’m to scared to reach out for help. 
someone talk to me I feel so alone. 

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Hello, and I'm very sorry a reply has been late.

We aren't allowed to diagnose you, but we can suggest what we think could be a problem for you.

Depression of any type can suddenly inflict upon someone with or without any reason and once this happens we lose interest in what we used to really enjoy as well as our'friends' don't understand why we have changed or lost any interest in associating with them any more, to the point where they tend to go their own way and not be friends with us and when you don't want to walk your dog, which you loved doing, but now you don't care about doing, then there is a significant concern about you.

You can't blame yourself for this happening, sometimes no one can explain why we develop depression, because there could be several issues.

People over the age of 16 and over can see a doctor without a parent and it's then up to you whether or not you want to tell them.

Some parents are really concerned, while others just say 'it's part of growing up', but from what you have said, it's more than that.

You can as well talk with Kids Helpline on 1800 55 1800 by phone, online or chat 24/7 and these people are trained counsellors but relate to your age and what's happening.

Please get back to us, cause it's very important for us to help you.


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Hi hello_everyone, 

A warm welcome and thank you for sharing your story with us. 

It is more than clear that you have been struggling and it would be good for you to get some help. You have made the first big step and reached out here. Thank you for putting your trust in us, as this can be a pretty hard decision to make. I would encourage you to think about taking this a bit further and perhaps talking to your GP who could direct you towards getting more professional help. I know this can be scary, especially if you are not used to talking to others. But thankfully there are more and more counselling services these days and these people truly try their best to help. 

Thank you for the reply.

I am to scared to go to anyone for help that’s why I came on here anonymously. Everyday I feel burnt out like what’s the point of even living. (I’m not threatening suicide at all) it’s just how I feel. Also I’m having very terrible body issues. Never happy with the way I look. And I have developed this terrible thing we’re i pick at my face in front of the mirror for even up to an hour and completely destroy my face even tho it was fine before picking it. Is this a sign of something? 
I feel so lonely even tho I’m not alone. Will all these feelings go away or is it just a phase? I feel I’ve had these feelings for a long time now and just couldn’t reach out for help until now because it’s gotten significantly worse. 

Hi hello_everyone, 

Thank you for coming back to us and responding. This is much appreciated. 

I hope you don't mind me asking: would you be able to share with us what are your main concerns when you think about asking for professional help? 

We can try to encourage you but I understand you are saying you are scared and if that's ok with you, would like to hear what are you mainly scared of so maybe we could help you with this?

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Valued Contributor

Hi hello_everyone


I feel for you so deeply as you face an incredibly challenging time in your life. I'm so glad you came here, for a start toward change, so that you're not left facing these challenges alone.


Over the years I've come to realise I can face depressing feelings for a whole stack of different reasons. Often it can be a matter of becoming a detective in relation to why we're feeling our self and life the way we are. I'd like to imagine you have a really caring parent or guide who can help you with the detective work. So much easier when we've got someone doing the hard work with us.


I'll throw around a handful of ideas to consider

  • Getting some blood tests done for a start, to rule out a depressing vitamin, mineral, hormone deficiency etc. Found out for myself that while a basic B12 deficiency can knock you around a bit, when the levels are so low it triggers depression and debilitating fatigue, this needs urgent attention. B12, iron, thyroid function are just a few of the many blood tests a GP will order for investigation
  • The same kind of things in life day after day, with not a lot to look forward to, can also be upsetting in a lot of ways. With little to look forward to or imagine, there's not a lot to charge us up into excitement. The need to exercise the imagination and make changes is something that can be deeply felt at times. A really good guide or guidance counselor can help with finding what makes a constructive difference in life
  • Becoming seriously exhausted based on stress and other factors is definitely something to take seriously. Learning to manage that kind of exhaustion, so that you can regain your energy, becomes about research and skill development. Some things that help produce more energy: The right chemistry in the right food, the right chemistry through the right kind of sleep, solar power (vitamin D), hydro power (water for every cell in our body), natural everyday highs that produce dopamine etc
  • A serious or depressing lack of inspiration is not a problem until the lack becomes so intense we just can't tolerate it. Pure inspiration holds such an energetic charge. We can really miss being 'in charge', without realising at times

So many more reasons but I'll leave it at that.


When people talk about emotion, they typically talk about the most obvious or general emotions - anger, happiness, sadness etc. We can actually experience hundreds of different emotions. The challenge becomes about getting a really good feel for what precise energy is in motion or not in motion. Whether it's mental energy, chemical energy or natural soulful energy or all 3 combined, sometimes it's a matter of 'With this depressing lack of energy, I can't feel a damn thing'.