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Centrelink will not accept my medical Certificate

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member
I have got Anxiety And Depression And Centrelink will not accept my medical Certificate after 1 year now they are stuff me around they say you can work 15+h and that`s it. I been cut off 4 times not turning up. any know what i can do?
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Champion Alumni

Hi Tonyw

Welcome and thanks for posting too!

Looks like we are both in the same boat with anxiety and depression

Centerlink can be a pain. They normally reject the Official Centerlink Medical Certificate after 3 or 4.

It takes work (unfortunately) to show DHS that we really do have these awful disorders. They just dont 'get it'

If possible see a psychiatrist and let him/her know how bad your symptoms are and you are having issues with Centerlink and unable to work as you have anxiety & depression. This will help you with centerlink.

Make sure that you see your GP and/or a counselor every month so they can say that you are receiving ongoing therapy (and medication if applicable) Centerlink will also take notice of how severe your symptoms are when your GP/therapist all state that you are unfit for work.

You can also apply for the disability pension as well depending on the severity of your anxiety/depression and how often you are seeing a doc/therapist.

Ive had the same disorders for years and its a pain Tonyw.....I hear you loud and clear.

you are not alone here Tony, please let us know how you go

my kind thoughts for you


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Hi Tony,

yes Centrelink can be very difficult even thought they say they will not accept the certificate still keep providing them the certificate as we are in the same boat and we found that even thought they say they don't want to accept the certificate we still provide them and it helps

all the best

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Champion Alumni

hi Hamlet, centrelink are a law to themselves, but if the person who has rejected your certificate actually was in the same position as you, then they would be jumping up and down in anger.A couple of things you could try, go and get another certificate from another psych, a pain I know, but it could help, otherwise contact your local member and show them all the certificates plus the letter from centrelink denying you any payments.Another way is to start a job but pull out and say 'you can't work because of your depression', this will tell centrelink that you are unable to work because of your depression.When they say you can work 15+ hours, how do they know, especially if you have reports from various professionals. Geoff.

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Most days i cant get out of bed and centrelink has been on my back to look for work after my son turned 6 recently. They rejected my gp certificate and the letter from my psych. I dont have the energy or the mind frame to beat this. Im so weak. My sisters business has put me on their payroll just to get these idiots off my case.

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There are very specific rules around Centrelink. Unless you are eligible for a disability pension and over 35 years old, OR over 65, you have to look for at least 15 hours a week work in return for your payments.

To be eligible for DSP (disability pension) your barrier must be severe enough to affect your every day life - so, that you can't go shopping unassisted, or take public transport unassisted, etc. Even then, if you are under 35 and on DSP, you are still required to look for 8 hours a week work.

Centrelink will only accept medical certificates if your symptoms have been exacerbated, and they won't accept a medical certificate for the same thing twice - reason being, if it's a permanent condition that is stable, but isn't bad enough to make you eligible for DSP, then you are "still able to look for work".

Basically, centrelink money isn't "free" - you have to work for it. If you're not with a Disability Employment Services provider, get transferred over to one. I would suggest speaking with your service provider / job agency about the potential of doing study instead - they would be able to put you in to education (face to face or via correspondence), most likely fund it, and then you will be meeting your obligations for your Newstart Allowance, and not having to look for work.


Welcome to the forums and thanks for the informative post too!

Ive had 4 official Centrelink Medical certificates in a row. A person requires a psychiatrists certificate and the GP certificate does help. Unfortunately a standard GP certificate on its own doesnt hold much weight.


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Hi All

I cannot believe Centrelink put people through this awful process!

Has anyone in that department got any idea how dibilitating depression and anxiety is? For some just to be able to get out of bed is a chore, not to mention the lack of focus and concentration needed to deal with Medicare. Seriously makes me angry that when someone is really struggling everyday but may look ok that they are treated this way.

Definitely speak to anyone and everyone you can to receive your benefits. Our government is too busy handing money out to other countries but lacks to care for it's own.

I hope you manage to get this sorted and receive back pay as well. You can't live on fresh air alone and I'm assuming if you are on a payment that you can get your medication at a cheaper rate. Good luck with it all.

Possum Magic

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I have had the same experience recently. This is my first time going through the system, I have always had a full time job. The thing that upsets me the most is that no one explains the reason for certain decisions or how the "process" works. Unless you ask the right questions you are left confused and bewildered.

I have also found that it has been difficult to convey to Centerlink and my job network provider just how serious my mental health struggles are at the moment. I present well, I am fairly articulate and have insight, a well rehearsed "social mask" and a full resume brimming with 18 years worth of full time experience and qualifications. I had repeatedly told my disability employment provider that I did not feel ready to get back into work and especially not full time! Despite this they continued to apply for positions on my behalf. I received many calls for interviews and found my self swept along and eventually being offered and accepting a position. I knew I wasn't ready though and on the eve of starting my new job I fell apart, calling my job provider and telling them that I couldn't possibly go through with it. I was forced to call Beyond Blue (which was very helpful) then contact the Employer to explain that I couldnt start. I was honest. I told them that I thought I was ready but I was wrong. They were very, very gracious and supportive (thankfully). But I was really upset that I had been put in that position in the first place considering I was already in a very vulnerable state of mind. Since then I submitted a Centerlink Medical Certificate in order to exempt me from attending appointments until I was informed that because my condition is not temporary I was ineligible for exemption and my Medical Certificates would no longer be accepted. Fortunately my job provider has recognised that I am not able to work right now (but it took me pulling out of a job to convince them of this). My mutual obligations were amended. As long as I commit to continuing treatment and attend fortnightly catch ups I will not be asked to apply for any vacancies, for now. I know that it's hard to even get out of bed some days but I would suggest that you continue to attend appointments and above all be honest and frank about how you feel about your capacity to work. Also, commit to participating in ongoing treatment with a psychologist/therapist and your GP, at the very least. This will go along way towards your employment provider being more flexible.

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member
Whn I was trying to get DSP optometrist reports Four of thoes Then repeats Letters from specialists hospital for my knees Four reports More repeats every three months going to gp for a letter saying I cannot work because of my knees 3 years fighting the system the politicians want centerlink To push us through Its you politisans that are doing this through centerlink