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Mystified by Life and the Tragedies that Occur to Decent People

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Our police commissioner's son was run over on Friday night.  The driver fled the scene but was caught.  The dear son has died.  I am heartbroken for this lovely man, his wife and family.  He is an astounding person.  He has dedicated his life to police work and the greater good.  He lost a colleague on Thursday night due to a shooting incident.  Then this the night after.....I am so upset and devastated for him.


Both perpetrators are unharmed.  How?  Why?  I just do not understand!  This happens all the time!  Good and decent people are killed and the criminals never get their come uppance!  I am believing there is a better place where these poor innocent victims go when their lives are destroyed by these so called humans.  I believe in karma.  I can't deal with this world at present.  Too many unbalanced and disgusting events occur and I never see justice.  The same goes for the poor innocent animals and children who get abused and neglected and never get the response they need!  


I find this world a vile place.  And it is all due to so called humans.  The so called justice system.  The  'people' who do not deserve a life.  Agh.  Sorry to vent but I am so seriously distressed and wonder how others deal with this constant bombardment of evil and despair. 

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You are so kind, clever and witty! xxxx

You are so kind.  The World would be a marvellous place if I had any say.  You totally understand me.  How I wish I could meet with you, Tony, Grandy: all of the beautiful people on this site who have gone out of their way to help me.   

I appreciate every word you lovely people say to me.  I will always be that caring and highly sensitive person.  I am makng a huge effort to remove myself from situations I can do NOTHING about; even if those situations make me despair.  The last two years have been particularly harsh.  I do understand that I am having to deal and I am definitely learning!  Thankyou for everything. xxx

Hi Loveanimals


Managing sensitivity can be challenging to say the least. Graduating to different or higher levels of sensitivity definitely comes with huge challenges. It's like you can start off as fairly sensitive and then graduate to very sensitive before graduating to intense sensitivity and finally an overwhelming level of sensitivity. Once you get to overwhelming levels, you know it's time to do something about it. The quest, with all it's questions, begins. 'How do I manage feeling so intensely? What are feelings? How do they impact me mentally and physically? Who can help me develop skills in managing? How do I learn to switch off or raise the volume on my feelings, so I can get a better feel for what's going on?'. The list of questions can feel never ending. A strange way of looking at it perhaps but you could say 'As I gain my super power (the ability to feel so easily and so intensely), how do I manage that much power?'.


I smile when I think of the movie 'Shazam'. Not sure if you've ever seen it but there's an amusing scene where the main character and his friend are experimenting with the main character's newfound abilities. While some experiments yield impressive results, while all going right, they also find the problems involved in not having yet mastered certain abilities. I've found sensitivity to be a little similar, in regard to the mastery side of it. It's like I could ask you to tell me who out of the 50 people I put you in a room with feel like depressing people, highly stressful people and arrogant people and who out of those 50 make your soul sing who you feel an instant connection with. In this test I'd know who's who but the challenge is for you to work it out. If you're sensitive enough, you'll score of 50 out of 50. You'd be able to feel everyone's nature. A seriously impressive ability. But then if I was to ask you to completely switch off from feeling them, could you do it? Do you have the ability or is it an ability you need to develop as a feeler? 


Personally, what I like about the mind/body/spirit approach is the opportunity to see myself from 3 different angles. While the fields of psychology and biology/chemistry have many good points, these areas of practice don't always take into account the natural side of things. While practitioners may say 'You're too sensitive and that's a metal/physical problem or fault', from the 3rd perspective (a more soulful one), it can be more so 'You have an incredibly strong ability that requires in depth understanding and mastering. Now where do we begin in the ways of knowledge and self mastery?'.