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Is this depression...?

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I feel like my life is in a never ending rollercoaster ride of things going well and things going straight to hell... All feelings are to the extreme. Small disappointment that would not impact me before, now becomes this huge thing that impacts everything in a negative way.

One week things are good - i am actively planning new things, enjoying life and enjoying time with my partner and friends. Then something happens (usually something small) and I go from happy go lucky to miserable person who does not want to see anyone or plan anything. I feel like this up and down roller coaster just never stops. My mood swings are extreme and my nearest also see them - and struggle to cope with it.

Did you have similar roller coaster feeling before you were diagnosed and treated? I know everyone is different but would like to hear your experiences.

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Champion Alumni
hi Pamsammy, welcome to the forum.
Unfortunately we aren't qualified to diagnose you, however as we have been through this terrible journey of depression ourselves then we are justified to suggest what maybe happening with you, it's no different than what we would do telling our sister or brother, but you need to be diagnosed by your doctor so that medication can be prescribed.
With extreme high's and low's could indicate that you may have Bipolar (BP), I don't have it but been swamped by depression, anxiety and OCD, however there are many people on this site who have BP and hopefully will pick up your thread, but please let's keep discussing the topic.
I would like you to book an appointment with your doctor who may prescribe medication and refer you onto a psychiatrist, who will then adjust what type of medication you are taking. Geoff.