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I'm beginning to realise it is not me..it is them!

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As per my recent posts I have been in a very terrible space. I have always tried to help people and animals. I have since been torn to shreds by horrible people and suffered major anxiety and depression. All through trying to help a rescue dog :(.

I am a good person. I will be the person that gives you the $5 you need at the checkout. I rescue stray animals and show great care to our environment. I put water out for my native birds. You get the gist I am sure.

After all I have been through already in this horrible year I truly believe that it is other people who are damaged; not me. I just want a peaceful life and I just want to be me. No lies, bullsh.., anything. I am moving on KNOWING that I am good and that the only reason I go crazy is when people push and push and try to destroy the good that I do.

I am so sad about most humans. They are greedy, lying, selfish and horrible. Leave a trail of destruction behind them. I do not do that. I am the one who tries to fix their destruction (animal rescue). People at work....bullying, ignorant and uneducated monsters. Family...same 😞 The dynamics are exhausting.

All I want is to have another darling dog in my life. That is the only time I feel happy. I have so much love to give but I do not give it to people as they do not deserve it. Only animals do.

Thanks for reading.

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Hi there,

I am sorry to hear this! You seem like a really amazing and generous person. Thank you for being here.

That is the truth - it isn't always you & unfortunately you cannot control others. BUT you are in control of how you handle and react to others. You cannot control how people make you feel (feelings are feelings) but you can choose to walk away, forget about them and try to focus on the positives. It's easier said than done but my personal policy is that i have no time for people who do not treat me or others with respect.

Just focus on yourself and building on that awesome work you are doing with animals and how you are making the world a better place. Try to forget about the bullies - is there somewhere at work (like a HR office?) that you might be able to talk to about this maltreatment? Bullying in the workplace is not okay - I am sorry to hear this.

I hope things improve and i am here,

jaz xx

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thanks dear Jaz

Just having the lovely people here such as yourself makes me feel a bit better. I do have to work on being stronger and not letting people upset me so much. As hard as that is.


Your statement is absolutely correct.

As soon as I wasn’t strong enough to continue helping others and putting myself first, the fake people disappeared from my life. When I needed help, not one of the people I had helped and supported were there for me.

I finally turned my back on selfish toxic people. I will never understand greedy people. The more they have the more they want.

It’s absolutely depressing that this World revolves around money and financial gain.

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Community Champion

Hi Panicmerchant,

Well-done on this realisation.

We are learn in different ways and I can see that you are beginning to understand that how people behave is a reflection of themselves.

Just keep being you and the right people will come into your life and stay… they are your people.

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I am very happy to report that I have rebuilt some bridges that were destroyed by a certain person. I am so pleased and relieved to have that nastiness behind me. I have learnt from this for sure.

Thanks to all who responded and helped me. I am always very grateful to the wonderful people here.