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Hi. I have depression treated with medication. Recently the depression has worsened and my GP increased the dose. I'm not sleeping well, struggling to focus or hold a conversation. Feeling very anxious 
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I feel like I can relate to this. I barely sleep. Do the meds help?

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Hi Mike_T


Wondering whether your GP has been able to pinpoint some of the underlying reasons for your increased struggle. If there's one thing I've learned over the years it's about having a closer look at possible underlying reasons for different types and levels of dysfunction.


While I'm a 53yo gal who's managed a wide variety of depressing factors over a few decades, I eventually reached the conclusion 'I don't experience different levels of depression for no good reason'. While some of the reasons have been what I'd class as naturally soul destroying or heartbreaking ones (miscarriage, gradual disintegration of my marriage, a lack of soulful inspiration etc), some have been mentally related (depressing belief systems, inner dialogue, a lack of mental skills for managing what's depressing etc). Then there's a whole other category and that involves what is physically depressing or more specifically chemically depressing.

While I've found alcohol to be something that interferes with my happy chemistry, what also triggers chemical imbalances in me to depressing degrees are a serious B12 deficiency and sleep apnea.


With the original depressing diagnosis in my 20s of 'You're someone who's most likely prone to depression', I came to redefine it in a more liberating way as 'I'm someone who is able to feel depressing elements'. So, the question becomes at any given time 'What is it that I'm actually feeling or able to feel?' or 'What am I feeling the depressing side effects of?'. A lack of energy is a significant trigger that impacts me on all 3 levels (mentally, physically and soulfully). As a combo, a depressing level of sleep apnea can have a physical impact in the way of chemistry, a mental impact in the way of inner dialogue such as with 'I'm hopeless, I'm useless. I can't even get off the couch. I'm a waste of space' and all that just becomes naturally soul destroying after a while. While good quality sleep is a major factor in positive chemical production, a lack of good quality sleep becomes the underlying issue for the lack of energy and an underlying reason for triple whammy of side effects (physical, mental and soulful).


If you're currently feeling the side effects of the increase in medication, it's so important to get a feel for whether the side effects become disruptive or depressing enough to the point where you just can't cope with them anymore. Going back to your GP and saying in one way or another 'I just can't live life productively under these circumstances' should encourage them to find an alternative path of treatment. Finding what makes a positive difference can definitely feel like a depressing trial and error process. My wish for you is that you come to find what works best in ways you can truly feel, on many levels.

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Fully empathise. Starting or bumping up meds when already going through a hard time can be a nightmare. 

Having changed or increased my medication several times I have suffered crippling levels of anxiety which is a bitch when you're aching to feel better.

It would be good if they made it completely  clear that things may possibly feel worse before they get better.

The doctor telling me I might feel a little 'caffeinated' was such an understatement.

Hang in there. 

Wishing you light at the end of the tunnel